Vehicle tracking made simpler

Indeed, technology has made vehicle tracking a much more easy and simplified process. Earlier it was nothing less than shooting in the dark when it came to tracking trucks through high frequency radio devices but now you have an accurate view of everything. The first-generation of vehicle tracking software relied on smart cards with magnetic strips attached to the back which connected to the main control room through a very small aperture terminal satellite that was very economical. But later, the need for video recording of the crash and specialized software that could report about the condition of the vehicle in real time basis arose. High demand led to high innovation and the net result is in front of you.

Forewarned is forearmed

This is the most sensible approach business owners should follow, when it comes to managing their entire fleet. Vehicle tracking software, thus purchased should be compatible to all kinds of vehicles. Users should be able to get reports at regular intervals about the condition of the engine, chassis, vehicle, fuel status, wear and tear, and the most important thing: whether the driver has had adequate rest between two long haul trips. This kind of software has very high demand potential in developing countries where driving on highways is unsafe. In western countries, you will see female drivers on the wheel of a truck bound for a long-distance trip. But not in developing countries where all sorts of crimes happen against drivers on highways.

It’s an enormous source of competitive advantage

Many industries rely on vehicle tracking software to get the raw material for their inputs and these include: Ecommerce, FMCG, plant and machinery. And the list of service oriented industries needing vehicle tracking services has expanded to include: Courier companies, taxi companies, security agencies, milk, dairy and poultry products agencies which require this kind of software to ensure last mile delivery of products to the consumer.Support is offered on phone and on email coupled with on-site visits from engineers to customise the product as per your requirements. Users can even put their own logo on the system fitted by us at zero cost. just a small little investment in securing your car or truck will go a long way in saving millions of rupees in damages, legal claims and can offer you enormous mental peace.


Flexible pricing that works wonders

Installation is free in the whole of Ireland which is another added bonus. Unlike other product software companies, we do not tie you into long term contracts. You will be delighted with our flexible pricing solutions which are nearly obligation free. So, get ready to get detailed information about the direction, speed, departure time, arrival and location of your key vehicles through this unique GPS enabled software that will act like a force multiplier for your business.

It will definitely add to your overall business confidence, as well. Both your employees, suppliers and vendors will be satisfied that you have done something concrete for their security.  Respect in the system will increase and you will see a higher quality of investors coming into your ecosystem and willing to do business with you with open arms.

Put more technology behind the wheels to succeed!!

Undoubtedly, that’s the way you need to go about running your transportation business. By incorporating more advanced technology in your business, you can do more for less and get the maximum bang for the buck. Modern fleet management has become very professional with the help of specialized vehicle tracking software that gives you up the minute information about the status of your vehicle in real time.

Pull the guesswork out of the business

Yes, that’s important, if you want to engender trust in the system for people expecting detailed information like direction, speed, location, arrival and departure time. Users demand crash reports and video footage of the crash in advanced versions of the software.The data offered by vehicle tracking software can pin -point negligence.An important thing about the software is that it is easy to install and offers data in a user-friendly format, making it easy to use.Whatever be your needs be it comprehensive mapping or reporting, the software makes it that much easier to work. You can be sure of the best results by having a technology partner in the form of such a robust vehicle tracking system.

Use technology defend lawsuits and get what you deserve

If your vehicle is insured, then you can use the crash reports obtained from a vehicle tracking system to claim damages in proportion to the premium paid for comprehensive car insurance. The good thing is that this vehicle tracking system works for cars, vans, trucks, boats and therefore, if your fleet is insured, then if multiple vehicles get smashed, you can claim higher compensation. Moreover, even insurance companies can be doubly sure of the fact that they are handing out compensation to the right parties after seeing the crash reports and the videos related to it.

Explore the full bouquet of benefits offered

Logistics industry decides the velocity of business in numerous industry verticals like pharma, ecommerce, publishing, mobiles, electronics. Timing is of essence in this business. Therefore, these companies desire a strong back -end powered by technology that can give them An accurate view through GPS is what users desire and they can get this entire vehicle tracking system for a fixed monthly fee of a few euros a month. No upfront capital investments to be made, no maintenance or bug fixing headaches as they are all taken care of by the vendor.

Isn’t that the best thing that happened to the vehicle tracking industry?

Securing an entire fleet for a few euros each month minus the headaches.Nowadays, software vendors offer not just support through phone and email but also through on-site visits of engineers. These engineers will understand your business and customize the software by adding and removing functionalities that will help you do more in less.

Last but not the least,training your staff in using this software is quite easy as they are mostly plug and play. So, no losses in terms of operational productivity while getting the staff acquainted with a new piece of software.

Check the product videos today and take the first step in changing your business!

How Easy It Becomes To Track the Vehicles With GPS Or Fleet Tracking Software

In businesses where several numbers of vehicles are involved, or numerous cars are engaged daily to perform various tasks, tracking all of them is necessary. Otherwise, you cannot manage and control them. For example, when you have a chain of grocery stores all over the city and need to supply the products from the storeroom or warehouse to the different stores then you need several vehicles can go to different directions. Now, monitoring all of them or noticing their accurate timing cannot be possible manually. You need a well-developed software system for the same. This is the reason software developers come with the idea of Fleet Tracking Software.

What Is It

The very name suggests that this is a software system which is used to track the fleets or the vehicles involved in a certain business. Individual devices are attached to each vehicle that is connected to a centralized system. You can control and monitor them all through that centralized system which is installed in your office or home. That means you can get all the details of your every vehicle while they are on duty and control their movements as per your business requirements.

How Does It Work

GPS means the Global Positioning System. There are approximately 30 satellites that are placed in the space and orbit our planet. They send signals to the ground receivers, and people who monitor those receivers can utilize those signals to track various objects including cars. With the help of this system, you can get the present location of that object and monitor its movement as well.

When you install the GPS software inside your vehicles, then the device get connected with those satellites, and they start sending signals to the ground receivers. Your centralized system can obtain those signals from there, and you can easily monitor your vehicles. You can understand when it starts moving, when the wheels stop, when and how fast the drivers are driving the cars on the roads, even which roads they are taking. The system allows you to note how many miles the car has moved today or how many hours it has worked on a certain week. You can then calculate the weekly duty as well as payment of your drivers or staffs according to the same.

Save Your Business

In many cases, it is seen that staffs are not transparent or honest with their duty hours when you do not monitor them. They can use your vehicles without your permission. Unauthenticated use of vehicles can ruin your business. On the other hand, Fleet Tracking Software can easily save your business by constant monitoring of the same. You can not only monitor your vehicles but also keep a daily track of them. You can understand when your vehicle is in the sleep mode and when it is on the street. That means your drivers or staffs cannot lie to you about the vehicles and their positions. It makes your job of tracking and managing the cars easier than before. Moreover, you can feel relaxed when you know that everything is in your control.

How GPS Tracking Is Cost-Effective For Your Business

Fleet management demands a lot of hard work. You need to track the vehicles as well as the drivers as per their duty schedules and route schedules. Tracking them manually is next to impossible task for the fleet managers. With the introduction of GPS tracking system, the entire process becomes easier than before for many business houses. The fleet managers, drivers, company owners, as well as the clients can get huge benefits from this system.

Is It Cost-Effective

Before you get an answer to this question, try to know about the features that are closely related to this system. These are the features that make GPS Tracking almost inseparable from the modern automobile and vehicle management industry. All the modern models of the top cars have this system installed in them.

  • GPS can help the owners to track their cars no matter where are they going.
  • You can monitor every roll of the wheel from your office when your car is on the road.
  • You can calculate exactly how many miles the vehicles are traveling each day or how many hours they are working per week with the help of this system.
  • You can understand which roads the driver is availing to go to a certain point.
  • You can also track the break time, overtime and the duty hours of individual drivers through this system.
  • GPS helps you to locate the cars, and hence you can track it easily in case of loss of stealing. Thus, you can claim the insurance easily or get back your own car without spending money for buying a new one.

All these features of the GPS tracking system allow you to know the exact movement of the car. Hence, they make it easier for you to manage your vehicles as well as the business. You can do a lot of things together because of this one system, and that is why the experts call it cost-effective. You can save the cost of excess fuel consumption, excess overtime payment, or excessive servicing of the car because of this GPS Tracking software.

Apart from that GPS tracking software helps the drivers to choose the shortest and easiest route to reach a certain destination. That means your cars will not only consume less fuel but the machines will perform less, and that keeps them healthy for a longer period. The vehicles that work hard and offer tough performance every day have the greater chance to get damaged and need frequent servicing which is an extra cost. In this case, when you install the GPS tracking system then you can get rid of such unwanted costs.

The designers and developers of this system keep that in mind that business owners prefer to use to save money. Therefore, they try to make it a cost-effective system for the users. You can go for the free trial version of this system to ensure that the technique is really useful for your business and helps you in saving your monthly business costs. Look for the companies that offer such free trials with easy installation and maintenance services.

Use Fleet Tracking Software For Increased Efficiency In Business

As a business owner, you need something that can increase the efficiency level in your business to a great extent. Your business may be a small one, but your goals are not. Hence, you should have something that can make it easier for you to enhance the efficiency in business and achieve your targets. Using the modern fleet tracking software is business is one such thing that can improve the current efficiency level and help you to achieve your business goals in a competitively shorter time.

Required For Effective Fleet Management

When vehicles or automobiles play a vital role in your business, then you cannot ignore the matter of fleet management. In such cases, fleet management becomes equal to business management. The modern Fleet Tracking Software can help you in the flawless management of your fleets as per the needs and the business. You can feel relaxed when you know that your vehicles are managed in an efficient manner and ready to provide with the best performance.

Ensure The Security

The difficult part of fleet management is ensuring that both the cargo and the fleet are safe during the journey. It is impossible to track all the fleets manually during the journey for any fleet manager. Hence, they need something that can track the vehicle as well as the cargo and report the manager about the same. To get such updated and constant information about the cargo and the vehicle during the journey, you cannot ignore the significance of the modern fleet management system.

Do Not Effect The Productivity

While managing the security of the fleets you have to ensure that the productivity of your business is not affected. Keeping the vehicles and the cargo safe is as important as reaching the destination on time. You cannot risk your market reputation at any cost. You should not follow any such system where the productivity of your business gets damaged or reduced. The modern GPS Tracking software can help you to maintain the level of productivity; even increase the same as well.

Multiple Features For Your Benefit

The modern fleet tracking or GPS tracking system comes with a lot of features to ensure that you get benefits from the same. The modern tools have easy to use interface so that the fleet managers, as well as the drivers, can use them without any difficulty. The software is ready to offer accurate and timely tracking. There is an option for historical data recording as well as reporting. The drivers can see the seamless maps on the GPS device screen. The wireless connectivity makes them highly flexible for the modern day business.

The modern business owners always look for the system that makes business management an easier task for them. Since the competition is very high, you cannot let your business suffering from low efficiency and inadequate development issues. Thus, the inclusion of advanced GPS tracking system becomes mandatory for the modern business all over the globe. You must try this system to increase the productivity and efficiency of your business.

Proper GPS Tracking Can Increase The Lifespan Of Your Vehicle

Modern automobiles come with multiple features that can enhance the efficiency and functionality of their machinery. However, there are some technologies that can increase the functionality but somehow reduce the lifespan of your cars. Various parts of the cars put maximum effort to provide highest performance and that can affect their longevity. This is the reason the modern automobile industry try to develop tools that can increase the overall life of the vehicles and makes it easier for the car owners to use their cars for a longer period.

GPS tracking is useful not only for tracking the vehicles on the roads but also for keeping them in good condition for a longer period than before. With the passing course of time, the technicalities of GPS are improved a lot. The modern system is able to perform a lot of tasks including tracking the current position of the cars and telling the right roads to the drivers.

  • With the help of the GPS Tracking device, the drivers can see the current speed of the vehicle. That means they can understand if they are crossing the certain speed and increasing the risk of having road accidents. Hence, they can control the speed and reduce the risks which ultimately keep the vehicle safe from being damaged.
  • GPS tracker indicates the shortest and safest routes to the drivers. At the same time, it also indicates the fastest and the easiest routes to them. That saves your time and helps your car to reach the destination without much effort. Thus, the longevity of the car will increase easily.
  • Moreover, the GPS tracking system increases the efficiency of your vehicles to a great extent. The system can tell you when you need to fill up the fuel tank and how fast the tank is getting emptied. That is a clear indication of the health of your car engine. If the fuel consumption is higher than the normal rate, then the engine is not in good condition, and you should replace it or send it for servicing. This will help you to increase the functionality and life of your vehicle to a great extent.
  • Above all, installing Fleet Tracking Software in the vehicles is not an expensive affair. You can improve the condition of your vehicles easily without a huge investment with the help of this technology.

When it is easy to improve the condition of your vehicle, then your business can be easily flourished, and you can avoid the risks in business. The fluctuating demands of your customers can be fulfilled when you know that your business has the required strength. With strongest, most efficient, most functional and highly advanced vehicles you can easily obtain the desired position in the industry of fleet management. You can manage your vehicles with ease when you have the best fleet tracking system installed in them. Your job will be easier and simpler than before with the help of these modern tools developed by the experts. Hence, you should not waste your time if you wish to have a well-maintained fleet system.

Optimizing your fleet without investing too much is it possible?

When a company wants to optimize its fleet, it thinks of a traditional approach: to satisfy the rising demand for more vehicles, more warehouses, and more employees. This may, however, lead to an increase in administrative tasks and personnel management.

This linear strategy is excellent when there is work, but with increased competition and fluctuating customer demand, committing to fixed costs while the business is flourishing can make you vulnerable if things change.

So what is the solution? Say no to new business? This is certainly not an option for companies looking to expand.

Fortunately, new technologies are there to help mobile employees use the assets they have in a more efficient way! They allow more tasks to be performed and thus, avoid a businessman taking financial risks by acquiring new employees or equipment.

This technology is a real ally to monitor the adopted driving style. If your employees have committed an offense and the data collected by the software shows aggressive driving, then there would surely be a need for training.  Also, the infractions are not always detected, which is why the technology allows you to monitor your vehicles and the driving behavior adopted 24/7!

Indeed, when companies inquire about fleet management software or telematics solutions, they generally think of the great help provided by the software to the vehicles and the team of drivers. However, it is not always considered that the installation of this type of device could bring many other advantages.

But how does fleet management technology work?

The primary purpose of asset utilization is to make the best use of vehicles, equipment, and employees to maximize your potential. Most companies have untapped potential that could be converted into income, so the problem is where it is and how to exploit it.

This is where a fleet management system comes in; it monitors each of your assets and lets you see which vehicles are used and when. Using the data provided by the GPS location integrated into the vehicle (or equipment), Asset Utilization Software can provide you with reports on a range of productivity indicators.

The information that can be reported is:

  • Vehicle arrival/departure at the workplace
  • When the equipment is in use (engine running)
  • The identification of capital assets
  • The travel time of the vehicle (to determine the time spent on each mission)

But the use of assets extends beyond knowing when and where resources are used: it can also be determined whether resources are being used efficiently. Just because an asset is used does not necessarily mean it is used in the best way possible!

It is by using an adequate prevention policy and appropriate training that you avoid that your drivers can be found involved in the violation of the Highway Code. Take advantage of these methods by adding fleet management software: help make roads safer for your drivers and all users!

GPS Tracking Systems for Young Drivers

As a provider of GPS localization solutions and fleet management software, we are well aware that one of the primary concerns of companies operating vehicles as part of their business, as well as anyone working in the Road Safety, is the training and driving behavior of young drivers.

For many reasons, young drivers constitute the major part of population at risk for road users. This is undoubtedly due to their lack of experience, a mixture of the extreme confidence they have in their conduct and the limited awareness they have of the dangers of the road. According to the Transport Safety Council, young drivers are not only too confident, but they also tend to drive too fast. The problem is that without supervision, this behavior can have serious consequences for companies needing drivers, but also for other road users.

As companies have an ethical and legal obligation to provide a safe work environment for their employees and the rest of the drivers on the road, keeping track of the behavior of their young drivers could be assistance in the training of the latter.

How can you use a geo-location system to measure the risks associated with driving young drivers?

1 – Detecting dangerous driving behavior

A GPS tracking system allows you to monitor the behavior of your drivers and keeps an eye on their dangerous attitudes, especially violent accelerations, sudden braking and sudden slowdowns. Such a tool can be very useful in training young drivers and preventing the risks associated with driving them.

2 – Detecting recurring driving problems

Thanks to the specialized functions, you can be informed of any recurring problem of aggressive driving and train your team to remedy it.

3 – Promoting playful behavior

Some systems also helps to organize competitions between drivers to make them aware of road safety measures and to train them in eco-driving, as well as safer driving techniques. And psychologically speaking, we know that nobody wants to end up at the bottom of the rankings!

4 – Leveraging meetings

Every opportunity is right to reinforce your safety policy, whether it is to remind your drivers that respecting speed limits or wearing a seat belt is mandatory. Be sure to set up safety reminders, especially once you have been warned about the main security issues existing within your fleet.

Surveillance by geolocation has become a common means of investigation both for the inquiry of perpetrators of crime or for the commission of offenses and for monitoring the actions of potential offenders.

Geolocation by GPS (satellite)

Only for terminals equipped with a GPS chip, this system of location is based on the signals emitted from a network of satellites to determine the geographical position. The accuracy of this technique is estimated from 15 to 100 meters for the GPS network.

Basically, GPS data collection is simple and easy but reading this data remains more complicated and more expensive. Reading the data on a real-time location system is even costlier. The simpler systems store the data in the GPS unit. These systems are referred to as “passive location” or GPS data loggers.

Maintain Your Cars With The Modern Vehicle Tracking Solutions

The term vehicle tracking becomes common nowadays. Thanks to the modern cab services; people becomes aware of the system of tracking the vehicle when they are riding the same or using it for transportation of goods. However, the job of a modern Vehicle Tracking software is not only let you know the location or the route of the car; it can do a lot of things for your vehicle and helps you to obtain a smooth experience.

Both the transport service providers and their clients can enjoy a lot of benefits of this system if they know the proper tasks of this solution. Though, the main task of a GPS tracker or fleet tracker is to track the vehicle and disclose its location and route to the person who has access to the system; but it can offer you some more interesting services as well.

Maintaining The Car

As the owner of the car, you can spend a huge amount of money on the maintenance of the car every month. You can keep it clean and hire the mechanic whenever it is required, but what if you fail to understand that needs. Sometimes, you may get so busy in your other works, and you forget to take the car for routine maintenance or servicing. The modern Fleet Tracking system can tell you when the engine of the car need a maintenance or when the other machinery of the vehicle need to be checked and changed.

How Can You Get To Know

The best thing about using this modern system is you can set your vehicle’s maintenance alert if you think you may forget the same. The software will calculate the right mileage and time and then send you the alert regarding the due maintenance. It also allows you to choose the form of alert – whether it is a text message or an email or both of them. That means you do not need to mark your calendar or set any reminder on your smartphone. Your vehicle tracking or GPS tracking software will tell you the same.

Helps To Save Fuel

The cars with modern GPS tracking system are most fuel efficient ones. The system can tell the drivers about the shortest and easiest routes to reach a certain destination. Thus, they can avoid long routes and save both time and the fuel to a great extent. Moreover, it can show the alert to the drivers whenever they cross the suggested speed limit on a certain road, which is also essential to control the fuel consumption.

Ensure The Longevity Of Your Vehicle

These advanced vehicle tracking solutions always ensure the longevity of your cars. You can save extra fuel consumption as well as take your care to a regular servicing because of the modern Satellite Tracking. Thus, your car can stay strong for a longer period and offer you better service as per your needs. Hence, you can call it a cost-effective venture to buy the most advanced vehicle tracking solutions in the market and install them on your cars. As the business owner that can be one of your greatest achievements.

How An Advanced Vehicle Tracking System Can Help Your Business

There are many businesses in this world where fleet management is mandatory. Without a proper, regular and efficient fleet management system those businesses cannot run smoothly. For example, delivery business, transport business, cab services, courier business or any other type of business where you need to manage a number of vehicles daily. To maintain your business in a smooth manner, you cannot ignore the significance of advanced Vehicle Tracking system. It can help your business in multiple manners.

Improve The Performance Of The Drivers

Vehicle tracking software always improves the performance of your drivers. It has features that help them to drive safely and reach the destination on time. The system also helps them to save the unnecessary fuel consumption as well. That means, drive in a secure manner which will make them more efficient as a driver. You can monitor the overtime, total duty hours, unauthorized break times of your drivers when you have this system installed on your cars.

Save Your Car From Dangers

When someone is driving the vehicle on the street, plenty of hazards can occur. The vehicle can get damaged, stolen, or it can break down in the middle of the road. You can track the location of the car easily with the help of the Satellite Tracking system. If your car is broke down on the road and an urgent delivery needs to be done on time, then you can easily locate the care, send the mechanic to fix the issue as soon as possible. With the help of the advanced GPC tracking which is a vital part of any fleet tracking system helps you to do so.

Help You In Offering Professional Service

The system helps you to become more professional as a service provider. You can send your cars to a certain destination or transport the goods with more accuracy, safety, and efficiency when you install this system. The turnaround time becomes reduced, and your clients can get faster delivery. Moreover, it makes it possible to track the vehicle at every point of the journey, so the clients also feel safe about their goods which you are delivering to them. Hence, you can improve your reputation in the market as a professional service provider.

Easy To Manage

As a business owner, you must know how critical it is to perform the task of fleet management. It is impossible to track the cars manually and monitor them all the time. On the other hand, without proper monitoring, you cannot manage your vehicles too. Thus, installing the advanced Fleet Tracking software inside those vehicles becomes crucial for every fleet service provider so that you can manage your business easily.

As a business owner, you must always look for something cost-effective. The advanced fleet tracking solutions are highly cost-effective. These solutions help you to save fuel that ultimately save a huge amount of money every month. Moreover, it reduces the chance of damage, delivery cancellation or other issues that can enhance your expenses at the end of the month. This is the reason it is always better for your business.

Vehicle Tracking – One App Is For Multiple Solutions

In this current era, modern technology has come a long way. Nowadays, people always wish to have something that can make their life easier than before. They prefer to use apps that are convenient for their daily life and at the same time offer high functionality. When you get something like that for your cars, then you feel great. The advanced vehicle tracking system can make your life smooth and easy. Whenever you think about tracking your vehicles, improving the performance of the drivers, saving some money on fuel cost, then you cannot have any other option but install the modern Vehicle Tracking app on your cars. This is the app that can offer you multiple solutions which are related to your vehicle.

Easy To Manage

When you have something that helps you to manage your business to your liking, then there is nothing better than that. The modern fleet tracking software can do this for you. You can monitor and manage all your vehicles at the same time with the help of this software. The software can be uploaded to your mobile devices, and you will receive the updates on the same from anywhere you may be.

It is because of this software you feel completely confident regarding your vehicle business. No matter how many cars you have; this app can help you to track them all. You have to install this software on every vehicle and get a detail report of the vehicle whenever it is on the road.

Who Needs This

Apart from car hirecompanies or taxi service providers, there are lots of other businesses that need the help of Fleet Tracking Solutions to run their business smoothly. It can be a courier company or a packers and movers enterprise that need such a thing like tracking systems to monitor their vehicles on the road. There are schools that use this software for their buses that transport kids. In case you belong to the travel and tourism business, then you must have this app installed on their vehicles that are used to transport tourists.

Control Your Speed

When you are on the road and driving a car, then it becomes crucial to control your speed and eliminate the chance of having accidents. With the help of the GPS Tracking system, you can easily control the speed of your vehicles. The GPS system will send you alerts whenever you cross the suggested speed limits on a certain road. Thus, you can receive an alert about the same and eliminate the high speed immediately to avoid any unwanted condition.

This can automatically increase the lifespan of your vehicles. Thus, you can enjoy a risk-free driving where the drivers and the passengers can have a safe drive. Trackmatic is one such company that can offer you some great solutions in the field of vehicle tracking systems. You can trust them because they are highly experienced and reliable in their industry.

Some Useful Facts About Fleet Tracking Solutions

GPS tracking is becoming one of the most common apps that a lot of car owners choose for their vehicles. It comes with a bunch of benefits, and that makes it no brainer for car owners. The effectiveness of this system is so prominent that some car manufacturers also install this system in all of their top of the range vehicles so that they can give the best service to their buyers. On the other hand, for the business owners who have to deal with numerous cars they cannot ignore the advantages of having such an app installed in their cars.

Fortunately, there are experienced and reliable companies that provide high-end Fleet Tracking Solutions. They design and develop these solutions for various industries. Before you buy and install this app, you should know some interesting facts about the same.

  • There are different types of businesses that can use this app for their benefit; however, there are enterprises that can get the maximum benefits of this solution. Companies that offer transport service and businesses that require bringing raw materials from various locations can get a huge benefit of this app.
  • Apart from that, there are companies that have to deliver their goods at different locations, and they can also use this software to track their vehicles on roads.
  • Not only the business houses, but private owners can also use this app on their cars to get a bunch of benefits that can help them to have a safe drive.
  • There are top companies that design and develop this app and you should check the reputation and experience of the company to ensure that you are buying the most reliable solution for your car.

Vehicle Tracking Can Save You Money

When you install the modern Vehicle Tracking solution on your car, you can easily save a great amount of money every month. The app makes your car completely fuel efficient. However, there is another way of saving money with the help of this app. You can reduce your insurance cost because of this app. Most of the major car insurance companies check the security measures that are installed inside cars that require insurance. They want to ensure that the car has enough protection to avoid accidents on roads. Apart from the other safety measures the latest GPS tracking software can help you to control the speed of the car and that makes the chance of having accidents nominal. The insurance companies offer discounts on premiums when the car has this software. Thus, you can save a great amount of money on your monthly or annual insurance cost with the help of the same.

Reduce Operating Cost

As the car owner you must always wish for something which can reduce the operating cost of your cars. The modern GPS tracking system can do this for you. It can make your car fuel efficient and reduce the chance of having accidents. Moreover, you can monitor the actual mileage of the car and calculate the overtime expenses of drivers. Thus, the operating cost can be maintained and reduced when you have this solution inside your car.

Top 5 Benefits Of Vehicle Tracking Systems

Buying a vehicle is a big investment matter for everyone. However, you need to take care and protect your vehicle from any issues after buying it. You have to follow every necessary measure to protect your car from being stolenor damaged when you are not with your vehicle. This is the reason you need the help of the modern Vehicle Tracking system. There are different types of software systems used in the market for this purpose. Companies develop systems through which you can track your car anywhere anytime as per your needs. The modern system comes with a lot of features that can offer you plenty of benefits as a car owner.

Let’s see the top 5 advantages of using the latest vehicle tracking system for your cars.

Save Money by Saving Fuel

With the help of the latest Fleet Tracking software, you can calculate the fastest route to reach your destination. This means you can reach your destination quickly and save fuel easily. The device can suggest the most economical route that will bring you to your destination. Some of the modern devices offer you an estimated amount of fuel that should be consumed during a particular trip.

Follow the Actions of your Drivers

Using the Advanced Vehicle Tracking system is like you are sitting in the back seat of your car all the time. You can monitor the driving patterns of your drivers easily. If you are using the car for the transportation of your employees, then you can track their routes as well through this system.

Get Insurance Benefits

Sometimes, insurance companies offer big discounts on the premiums for the vehicles that have Fleet Tracking software. They consider such cars tough to be stolen. When you install vehicle tracking software inside the car, then you can easily track it after someone steals the same and increases the chance of recovering the car.

Increase The Productivity

When you install the Satellite Tracking system in your cars for your taxi booking business, then you can expect a development in the productivity of your employees easily. You can track their unauthorised and unnecessary stops. You can understand the time they take for any breaks also. You can have the data if they are eligible for overtime payment or not. They also know that someone somewhere is tracking their activities with the vehicle and that encourage them to perform more efficiently.

Optimise The Resources

As a business owner, you should always try to maximise your resources. The latest Satellite Tracking system can help you to find out the most dedicated, honest and efficient worker or driver. You can easily find out the employees who can be your best workforce in the future.

Keep The Clients Happy

In a taxi booking service, you should always try to keep your customers happy. When you offer them a safe and comfortable journey with the help of this device, then you can easily make them happy, and they are confident to utilise your service again and again.

Choose the device carefully by analysing your needs as the owner of the car. You need to pick the best device that is affordable and efficient.

How To Choose A Car Tracking System For Your New Car

Having a modern car tracking system inside your vehicle can save you in many unwanted situations. You may have driven the car somewhere you are not familiar with, or maybe your car gets stolen, and you need to find out where it is. In these cases, you can get some real help from your Vehicle Tracking system. You can either find yourself helpless in the circumstances mentioned above or install an advanced tracking system inside the car and lead a tension free life as the owner of the vehicle. However, before you choose a tracking system, you need to consider some vital factors.

In this blog, you can see what steps you should follow to choose the right tracking system for your vehicle.

Understand Your Requirements

It is necessary to understand your requirements regarding this system before you buy and install a Fleet Tracking device. Some devices are used for commercial vehicles only. At the same time, some systems are developed for non-commercial vehicles also. Find out the type of tracking device before you buy one.

Know The Type Of Tracking

Though common people generalise the term GPS Vehicle Tracking system, it has some categories. Some are meant for navigation GPS, and some are the portable ones with outdoor GP units. There are marine GPS devices that are specially developed for marine vehicles. You should know the type of the system and how exactly it can benefit you.

Offer Voice Instructions

It is not necessary that you choose a Fleet Tracking device that comes with a voice guidance service. Getting a clear voice instruction from the device to help you to understand what you should do in a certain situation is not important as this is all available at the touch of a button. If the device offers you the visual location of the map, then it will fill all your needs.

Real-Time Tracking

The device must offer you real-time tracking through which you can see your location on the map through the screen and understand what turn you should take or where to stop the car. The real-time visual representation helps you to find your destination easily and save money on fuel cost as well.

Read The Features Carefully

As the buyer, you should always read the features of the device carefully before you buy the device. This will help you to understand what you can expect from the same. You can understand if buying this product will be a good investment or not.

Easy To Use

Ensure that the device you choose is user-friendly. You must learn the technique of installing, operating and uninstalling the device as per your needs. Even if you are not a gadget-geek then also you must manage the device without any difficulties.

Some tracking devices have advanced features to calculate the speed limit on a certain road and tell you how to drive safely. You can even get a good discount on your insurance policy when you buy the best vehicle tracking device and install it in your car.

Go with the most reliable vehicle tracking system at the present time

Go with the most reliable vehicle tracking system at the present time


Technology has come a long way. It has brought us to the centre of this well-equipped world where convenience and utility walk hand in hand. Thanks to apps, we save a lot of time, money and energy. From shopping online, sending gifts, booking holidays to fixing a car, there is nothing that you can’t do with the help of the right app. The keyword here is ‘right’. While the apps claiming to be right for you are ten to the dozen, you can’t trust every app. When it comes to safety on the road, you need to be extra cautious with your choices. That’s where TrackMatic comes into the picture. It has the most amazing vehicle tracking software that makes fleet tracking in IRELAND a walk in the park. A lot of organisations are benefiting from this brilliant software and you must, too!


Why TrackMatic

It is fairly simple why you can trust TrackMatic. The first reason is their clientele. They have over 12,000 satisfied clients and more than 40,000 connected vehicles. In addition to this, their devices work across IRELAND and all of the rest of Europe. You don’t have to worry if you are a start-up or a small organisation as they cater to both small and large organisations. They have customised solutions for their clients and they go to great lengths to ensure that you get what you are looking for.


Choose easy management

Anyone who is looking to reducing stress as far as vehicle tracking is concerned should go with TrackMatic. Life is tough enough. Everyday jobs take up a lot of time. Management is long known as one of the most difficult jobs. It is extremely time consuming and can be very frustrating. To save time and money as well as resources, you should choose a superior software and make vehicle tracking in IRELAND a manageable job.


Fit for all devices

Although there are many reasons that make TrackMatic the ideal software, one of the most important ones is that it can work on many devices. Yes, that’s right. You can choose which device you want to use to manage your fleets. It can be done on a computer, a tablet and even your mobile phone and have multiple users. Sounds great, doesn’t it? So, if you have been looking for a while for something like this to assist you in fleet management, well, your search ends right here. All you need to do is give them a call and discuss your requirements with them. Whatever your needs are, they will be able to provide you with a customised solution. In case you also want a theft prevention system for your vehicles, you can discuss that, too. Since they have been catering to the needs of a variety of clients, they know what makes a system truly reliable. So, don’t wait anymore. Call them today and leave all your fleet management worries behind.

Improve Driver Performance with Fleet Tracking Solutions

Increasing accident rates increased the demand of strong vehicle tracking systems that are cost-effective and friendly by features. The sophisticated sensors can keep vehicle owners informed in real time on the needed maintenance to minimize downtime. Controlling your driver behaviour can also help in improving the lifetime of your vehicle parts. Installation of an innovative vehicle tracking system can not merely improve driver efficiency by maximizing their time spent on the road but also big savings of the amount of money that is lost on paying drivers who are not punctual and doing work on the side.

The modern vehicle tracking system offers you a new dashboard to meet your personal tracking needs. Additionally, it gives a clear understanding of your field employee’s status and activities.

With stiff competition in fleet business, most of the fleet managers start their responsibilities smartly and thus their responsibilities go beyond starting at a computer screen. They need to respond to customers and co-workers and take care of an array of tasks and achieve certain goals in a day and many times it happens that they miss important events that take place on the road. Once your GPS tracking device is installed in your vehicle, many services are inevitably available to help you manage and track your fleet. Mapping Tools and Google Maps help you to monitor your fleet with real-time accuracy.

Improve Driver Performance

Fleet tracking systems offer many advantages including vehicle safety and identification of employees driving habits. Installing such devices in your vehicle not merely provides extra safety to the drivers but also decreases road accidents. It improves the driving habits of your drivers and also reduces fuel costs simply by reducing your vehicles speed.

Use of GEO-Fencing in Vehicle GPS Tracking Systems

With the advancement in technology, Geofencing has become a valuable feature in a vehicle tracking system that allows you easy monitoring of your mobile workforce. Many of the fleet managing companies make use of Geofencing simply to ensure that their vehicles stay within their sight.

Eliminate Speed with GPS Tracking System

Installation of GPS tracking systems can help you to monitor and eliminate speed in your fleet. GPS technology sends you automatic speeding alerts and hence you can immediately contact your driver to solve the issue. To know the speeding behaviour of your driver, you also need to make use of a detailed historical record of your driver. This will help you to get a breakdown of their speed limit.

Trackmatic is renowned for supplying and installing GPS vehicle tracking throughout Ireland. Their manufactured systems are widely used in an array of vehicles including small and large fleets. With novel technology and experienced and registered engineers, they offer 100% guaranteed promise in terms of price. Added with incredible features, their manufactured vehicle tracking systems enable you to save on fuel and productivity particularly if you are running a fleet of vehicles.

So whatever type of vehicle you have, always choose the Trackmatic systemwhich is fully customizable and will fit with all your needs.

GPS tracking- To track aggression and overspeeding

Fleet owners never want to have to pay speeding fines, neither does any business owner want to get a bad reputation resulting from the dangerous driving habits of their drivers. When you have a fleet of cars or car rental, this is something that you want to avoid. Every year the number of drivers on the roads is increasing significantly, and this is the reason that you have to keep yourself alert, keep calm and avert aggressive driving completely. A single accident is enough to ruin many lives and the reputation of your business as well. Such situations can be averted largely by any car or vehicle owner by using the Car Tracking Software.


GPS tracking devices are looked as a solution for many tracking or fleet related issues. From deterring theft to aggressive driving and other issues can easily be achieved with the use of tracking devices. The devices have great capability to record the different driving behaviours of drivers. Further, the Car Tracking Software is customised in a way to meet the specific requirements of the business. The software is useful to get the behaviour recorded and generated into the reports or even can raise the alerts in case of any behaviour issue.


With the help of trackers or software, you can have a report showing incidents of aggressive driving that can be used by management to ensure such issues can be addressed and not take place in the future. Dangerous habits like over speeding can be addressed if management are aware of the incidents of sudden increase or decrease in the speed of the vehicle during journeys. The reports generated by the device or software are detailed, and allow the managers to find out whether fleet drivers are celerating normally in high traffic areas or on motorways.


In most accident cases, aggressive driving has shown to be the main reason for accidents. Getting a report of incidents of aggressive driving which can be sent to managers by an alert would be of great help to all managers. So for your information, the GPS trackers can be customised to alert on occasions of aggressive driving. Speed alert is one of the simple ways to keep a check on the daily driving patterns of your drivers. All you need to do is to set a standard speed that you want your drivers to follow, the speed alert will send a notification as and when your drivers go above the standard speed.


Why wait for a speeding fine to become aware of the behaviour of your drivers on the road. It is not only speeding fines that overspeeding or aggressive driving attracts rather it has many other disadvantages, and the biggest one are accidents and loss of reputation of the business. Vehicle Tracking in Ireland is carried out to avoid fatal accidents as well as loss of the reputation of some businesses. If you want your drivers to get out of the dangerous equation of aggressive driving, then there is nothing better than a vehicle tracking device.

Vehicle tracking for a better and more efficient fleet management

Tracking devices are a great help for companies with fleet management. On several occasions it has been found that customers have become more aware, employee accountability can be easily defined and managed, managers can easily monitor the drivers activities in the field, and emergency alerts can be set for unexpected situations. You have probably heard of these advantages on earlier occasions as well, but still, you are eager to learn how GPS tracking devices can keep you ahead of the competition.

Customer satisfaction a guarantee your business is flourishing

To keep the schedule for the day, it is imperative to ensure drivers are timely disposing of their assigned jobs, it opens up the possibility of new jobs and keeps customers satisfied . To create a positive image of the company the drivers have to ensure they are reaching on time to the customers. But sometimes drivers are posed with traffic delays, and it is imperative to divert them as quickly as possible from the hazards by planning and communicating a better route for them. With GPS vehicle tracking devices in place, the fleet managers can keep a track of the driver’s arrival at a particular location, and it makes it easy for the managers knowing that the customers are being serviced at the scheduled time.

Create an accountable employee.

GPS tracking devices allow for an automatic time to be recorded as soon as the drivers start their jobs. It is a great way to keep and make drivers more accountable during the day. Route optimisation is not carried to (or “intending to”) just to keep the customers satisfied but this option can also be used to get the jobs done quickly, and new jobs can be added.

Keep a record of field activities.

It is imperative for the fleet managers tokeep a record of their driver’s activities like speeding, idling, harsh braking and others to make them aware and corrected as early as possible. It also keeps safety a prime priority. The managers can pull a report that will not only show the activities of the driver, but will also provide the details as to where these activities have taken place and at what time of the day they happened. With GPS vehicle tracking devices, managers have a great insight of drivers activities out in the field.

Get live alerts

The GPS tracking devices are personalised to provide alerts at various occasions like maintenance alerts, emergency situation alerts and other alerts to ensure better safety and security of the drivers and the vehicle as well. Further, it also allows the managers to keep track of the driver’s productivity. The managers can keep the alerts live and scheduled. Live schedules are of great use to overcome emergency situations while scheduled alerts are there to keep the vehicle maintenance on track.

Apart from these, there are several other ways by which a tracking device can help managers, by ensuring a better fleet management system is in place. There are a lot more assets that you can learn about a GPS tracking device and apply in your business to get better operational and management results.

Reduce your carbon footprint with vehicle tracking

For the last few years, the people thinking about the planet that we live on has undergone a significant change. Now people are more inclined and aware about protecting our environment. Companies offering eco-friendly products are gaining popularity this is a clear cut indication that people are aware of their responsibility towards the environment. Even corporate companies have started finding out ways to keep their contribution to the planet and logistic companies are the next to take part in the movement.

Drive less: – Doesn’t it looks challenging to drive less when you are in the business of driving as much as you can to keep the profit surging. But where there is a will there always comes a way no matter how challenging , likewise where there are GPS trackers there is a way to drive less. GPS vehicle tracking devices allow optimal route planning to achieve this goal. The device allows management and dispatching to create the shortest routes for the destinations and cut down on unnecessary mileage. And by following the planned route, you can ensure you drive less and earn more.

Idle less: – It is hard to avoid waiting in long queqes at a traffic light. But the practice of keeping your vehicle running when you enter a customer’s location or pop into a petrol station can significantly be controlled and can even be stopped. An idle vehicle sends pollution into the air, and it is also not good for the health of the vehicle. And if you have a fleet of cars the Car Tracking Software can be used to store the idling data for your car, so that you can determine whether the idling time is reasonable or if the driver needs to be educated about idle time.

Less speed: – It can’t be expected from everyone to obey the traffic rules and regulations. If it could be people might be following the regulations. Not many know, but it is true that speeding consumes more fuel, which makes your drivers more regular customers in petrol stations now and then and use the scarce resources to the fullest without even thinking that it is moving towards over pollution. Further, it is terrible for the environment when chemical waste enters abundantly in the air, but it is equally harsh on the vehicle as well. With the GPS tracking devices speed monitoring is simple and can be achieved quickly.

Less repair: – By less driving, speeding and idling the drivers are contributing towards your attempt to have fewer vehicle repairs and maintenance. It is true that vehicle maintenance can’t be stopped fully. Still, it is better to conduct timely maintenance than not to conduct it at all. Maintaining the required amount of air in your vehicle tires, changing oils regularly, and giving your fleet vehicle a tune-up here and there can allow you to prevent harmful chemicals from entering the air. It can also improve the fuel mileage of the vehicle.

If you are looking to go green, your first step in this direction is to use the GPS tracking devices in your fleet vehicle. The device can allow you to reduce the carbon footprint in the environment.

GPS tracker to keep your motor engine running

Fleet vehicles require a lot of maintenance to keep working and operational. Fleet managers have to think of and assure the preventive maintenance that their vehicle needs and it includes oil change, tyre rotation and other maintenance works. But one of the most simple, yet often forgotten element is the engine air filter. If changed properly on a regular basis, it can breathe new life into your vehicles engine. It seems to be a small component and the critical role played by it is most of the time underestimated by fleet managers.

This is the reason most fleet owners or managers are ignorant about it when it comes to regular maintenance. One thing for sure is understandable that some people are well aware of the role played by air filters in the well-being of the engine’s life, but they forget about it at the time of maintenance for one reason or another. GPS vehicle tracking devices reminder can help all these people to remember it during routine maintenance and ensure their engine motor is running properly.


Know when to change the engine air filter.

Air filter service is required after a vehicle travels 9000 to 12,000 miles of its journey, and these details are clearly mentioned in the vehicle manual, but owners or managers hardly have any time to look at the manual book or they tend to get lost. But the specified limit is for general vehicles, while fleet vehicles are used extensively so their engine filter should be changed more frequently. And managers can use the GPS tracker to alarm the air filter change once the vehicle is driven the specified distance to ensure their service is not overdue.


Know why filter maintenance should be remembered.

If you go too long without a service or changing the engine air filter, then pollen, debris, and dirt can be sucked up into the vehicle engine, and these particles will burn inside the combustion chamber. It will adversely affect the combustion chamber and your vehicle’s emission components. But you can overcome all situations just by remembering the time to change the air filters, and it can be easily achieved with the use of GPS vehicle tracker reminder alerts. With GPS vehicle tracking devices, maintenance reminders are as simple as pushing a few buttons.


How to set up a maintenance alerts

All you need to do is to click on the alerts on the GPS tracker interface screen and enter the baseline data to set up your vehicle’s maintenance alert. It can be used to calculate proper time or mileage to send you an alert when the maintenance is due. And once you have set the criteria, now you can decide whether to receive the maintenance alerts via text message, an email or both. Further, it is at your discretion whether or not to enable this particular alert for your vehicle. With the use of GPS vehicle tracker changing the engine air filter becomes very easy to manage and you won’t have any problems down the road.