6 Benefits of GPS Tracking Devices

Logistics is counted among the fastest growing sectors in the world. If you are someone who wants to own and run a transportation company, then there is some good news waiting for you. The good news is that with vehicle tracking software, new avenues have opened for transportation companies. The advent of such software has made life easier for fleet managers. They can now keep track of every vehicle in their fleet. Remember, sometimes the fleet could run into hundreds of vehicles too. Plus, they need to ensure that there is a schedule charted out for everyone of the vehicle. To keep every one of the vehicle, achieve its deadline is the challenge faced by these managers. Here is a list of top benefits from GPS tracking software for transportation companies.


Better operating costs

One of the major challenges faced by fleet operators and managers is coming up ways and measures to ensure that there is improvement in fleet efficiency. The use of a tracking device helps operators to choose the shortest routes for their vehicles. The devices also help in reducing idling time, as well as help in cutting down on fuel expenses too. No wonder, they are among the most wanted devices these days.


Meet deadlines

With traffic getting heavier these days, chances are that a few vehicles of a fleet could so easily get caught in dense traffic. This could mean delays, which ultimately means a blackmark on the particular company’s customer service. Instead by installing a tracking device, they could have avoided such a situation. The device would have been able to guide drivers through roads with thinner traffic. This is in fact, one of the most used feature in vehicle tracking devices.

Minimize downtime


The key to any transportation company’s success is reducing downtime of the fleet. Reduced downtime would automatically mean better productivity. With a good GPS tracking device, fleet managers can now take more informed decisions, something which was not possible earlier. This has reduced the chances of the company suffering losses too. Fleet managers also ensure that they focus on money-saving steps.


Improve customer satisfaction

Any business is dependent on the customer for their growth. It is no different in the case of transportation. The fitting of GPS tracking devices has a direct and positive impact on the customer service. With the vehicles sticking to deadlines and with goods reaching on time, it is not surprising that these systems are playing a key role in customer service nowadays.


Reduction in insurance premium

Another major benefit that is enabled by the use of vehicle tracking devices is the reduction in insurance costs. Insurers are specifically known to keep a close watch on such devices and reward the owners with discounts in the premium. The benefit is felt even more by fleet operators, since they tend to get a lumpsum discount for the entire fleet.


Better route planning

One of the things that a GPS tracking device does for you is to identify routes, which are shorter, as well as better for reaching your destination. There are times when bad route planning or rather lack of planning itself could lead to huge losses.

5 Must Have Features in A GPS Tracking System

The boom in the car market has given rise to a thriving accessories and spare parts industry. After all, a vehicle if you were to see, is nothing but an assembly of several components. One of the key components of a car is a vehicle tracking system. With advances in technology there are several models of these devices that can be found in the market. With such a wide choice on offer, how do you ensure that you choose the right one?  You can easily select one based on the features of a system. Let us take a closer look at some of the key features in a vehicle tracking system.


Live tracking

The advances in technology have meant that today there is vehicle tracking software available, which can pin point the location of a vehicle with ease. This feature is particularly important to those who are managing a fleet of vehicles. With this feature all that the administrator needs to do is to look at the display and keep track of the movement of the vehicles. Such regular monitoring also instills a sense of responsibility among drivers, who improve their driving habits too. The overall result of all this is a more efficient fleet.


Trip log

You can make a marking of all the important statistics that you want from the system. The GPS tracking software packages that come these days are also designed in such a manner that every small detail of a trip is clearly available. For example, if a driver had indulged in over speeding over certain stretches, the information would be clearly displayed in the trip log. Other key data such as the idling time, distance travelled, stoppages, etc., are also available at any point in time. With advances in technology, the number of items for which data is available is only expected to increase.


Geo Fencing

This is yet another must have feature in a tracking system. What exactly is geo fencing? What is its specialty? Well, geo fencing is a feature using which you can create a boundary from which if the vehicle were to deviate in its route, you will get an immediate alert. This is a feature that has benefited several fleet managers. The feature will also come in handy if you have got teenaged children at home. You can always be sure of their whereabouts, if they were to deviate from their regular route.


Maintenance alerts

One of the biggest headaches for anyone maintaining a fleet of vehicles is maintenance. Many a times people tend to forget about important maintenance issues. For example, a few vehicles in the time may be needing an oil change. The brake may need to be tightened. There could be issues with the drive train. Similarly, fuel pilferage would definitely need alerts. These days GPS software developers are ensuring that they fit in as many alerts as possible in order to make life easier for fleet managers.

6 Best Tips for Vehicle Rental Companies

Vehicle rental companies are among the largest users of GPS tracking systems. And why not? After all they need to keep a close watch on several vehicles together. The software does help in improving the efficiency of fleets too. In fact, that is the key reason why they are so much in demand. If you are wondering in what ways GPs tracking helps rental companies, then here are the reasons.

  1. Real time tracking: With so many vehicles in your fleet how do you know which one has gone where? Or whether things are moving on time? All this information is now virtually available at the click of a button, thanks to vehicle tracking software. With real time tracking, you can pin point the exact location of a vehicle. No driver in your fleet will be able to take you for a ride quite literally now, for they will know that you have got every information about the vehicle’s movement with you.

There are certain other things too that you can monitor using GPS tracking devices. For example, the device can help you find out whether a particular consignment has reached its destination on time. It can also help you track drivers who crossed the speed limit set by you.

  1. Maintenance alerts: One of the biggest headaches with having a large fleet is that more often than not people tend to forget maintenance dates. Just imagine you forgetting to change engine oil. Similarly checking the drive train at regular intervals of time is another thing that people often tend to forget.
  2. Theft alerts: The chances of a vehicle fitted with a GPS tracking software being stolen is remote because they can be easily tracked. Anti-social elements will think twice before trying to steal these vehicles. Thanks to the presence of the device, law enforcement agencies too would be able to track down on the stolen vehicle within a short span of time.
  3. Better customer service: Now you no longer keep customers waiting in your office waiting for a car. Thanks to these devices all the information that you want will be right in front of you. The location of any vehicle in your fleet is now at your finger tip. All that you need to do is to track down a vehicle and ask the driver to come to the office and take care of the next customer.
  4. Help for the drivers too: The vehicle tracking device will also come in handy for the driver too, for they will be able to know the exact route which they need to follow. Similarly, they will also know other aspects of the vehicle, thanks to the regular maintenance alerts.
  5. Taking a look at reports: The various reports that are generated by the system can give a lot of information about the state of a vehicle and driving habits. Thanks to the device you can find out which driver was over-speeding and at which stretches. Similarly, you can find out which one was using the brakes too frequently for comfort. All these things are now a possibility.

5 Tips to Make It Big Selling Vehicle Tracking Systems

Starting a new business could be one of the biggest challenges that you have undertaken in your life. However, it is not an easy task. There are several things that you need to take into consideration. For instance, if you have decided to choose to sell vehicle tracking devices, then make sure that you are on the right track. Here are some unbeatable tips for you.

  1. Decide on your niche: Not all vehicle tracking businesses are created equal. There are different types of businesses that you can do. It will also vary based on the vehicles you have got. In fact, the first thing that you need to decide is on who would be your potential customers. Never do the mistake of thinking that everyone who needs a vehicle tracking device is your customer. This way your business would head nowhere. You should be focused on a target audience.
  2. Decide on your product: What will your end product be? Do you want to sell GPS devices? Do you want to provide only installation services? Will your vehicle tracking software be capable of dealing with fleet management? All such questions need to be answered frankly before you start your business. The product that you are selling should be appealing to the customer. Otherwise they will be least bothered about your product offering and move on to the next product.
  3. Search for the right software: What makes a GPS tracking system special is the software that is working inside. It is therefore important that you choose the right kind of software. A simple rule of the thumb is that the software should be able to scale along with your business. The best way to deal with GPS tracking software is to have a partnership with a reputable software development company. They should be able to incorporate all the features that you want in your tracking system.
  4. Get the right hardware: Now that you have dealt with the software, it is time that you also took a closer look at the hardware part. Remember, hardware is important, for the tracking device needs to be rugged and durable. You will need to spend a lot of time checking the quality of the hardware. The design of the device also should be such that it is easy to install. The customers should be able to install the device following a few simple instructions.
  5. Start your business: Concentrate on getting your first customer. Once you are successful in doing that, then automatically your business is bound to grow. However, you need to be prepared to put in the hard work. Nothing comes easy in this world and you should be prepared to slog it out in the field.

You must also be prepared to upgrade your skills from time to time. Training is an ongoing process in this field. As and when there is some technological breakthrough, you must try and get yourself trained in the new technology. This kind of dedicated approach will help you enjoy a successful career in this field.

Understanding Fleet Management software

Fleet management software and being human: these two notions can sometimes be a source of concern for the managers of a fleet! Indeed, it has been observed that many companies decide quite frequently to adopt technological tools and software to manage their activities to the detriment of human capital. But then, would it be possible that the best fleet management software replaces the work of a human?

In some sectors, such as logistics and transport, there is concern that this technology is an opportunity to replace human capital. Innovative solutions for enterprise fleet management provide in-depth, detailed analysis through the monitoring of vehicles in circulation. This real-time information is used to plan the company’s logistics more efficiently, reducing unnecessary costs and wasted money.

The data collected by the software platform is essential to increase the quality of a company’s services and improve the impact of the financial balance sheets of the logistics sector. However, these technology-formatted data cannot be processed alone. They must be human-made in a targeted manner for total efficiency, in order to solve the essential elements common to any company seeking excellent fleet management.

It is, therefore, essential that professionals take care of planning and logistics to optimize the activity of a fleet. With the help of modern instruments like Vehicle Tracking software, a fleet manager will be able to understand all aspects of a business, collecting technical reports and data to improve the overall management of the business, from planning to business administration and security to compliance.

Transportation and logistics go hand in hand. Therefore, another of the fundamental blocks is one in which you can register every one of the products that come and go. By means of the general data, a global description of the origin of the merchandise is formed, such as part, date, warehouse, delivery note, customer, etc.

The increase in efficiency and productivity of transport companies through management software is achieved, among other reasons, thanks to statistics and reports, such as fuel consumption, profits obtained in a period, monthly invoicing, or of the work parties. Along with this is the fact that it also offers workshop information, reviews, tires, fuel expenses, which allows us to foresee future actions and organize this type of activities, as well as the economic and time costs involved.

All the above makes a GPS Tracking Solutions a document manager with which, through the following aspects, productivity is increased:

  • There is complete and detailed control of customers, suppliers, vehicles, and drivers. Also of the expenses per vehicle and the real benefits per kilometer.
  • Load orders and control documents are issued.
  • There is the possibility of exporting to any accounting program, and of obtaining monthly balances and statistics.
  • The next revisions of the vehicles are known, through warning systems.

In summary, in a single program, you have all the information that is generated in the company to manage the day to day of it.

Anyone who uses fleet management software can not only improve their operational performance but also develop their professional skills: an intangible heritage essential to the success of a company.


Do not worry anymore and find out how to take advantage of technology for your professional career!

5 Top Places to Conceal a Tracking Device

Whether it is to keep a close watch on your teenage son or daughter, or finding out what your driver is up to or to simply ensure that your vehicle is not stolen, GPS tracking devices have become a necessity these days. However, if tracking someone without the person knowing it is your aim, then you will first of all need to select the right place to hide the GPS tracking unit. Let’s see what are all the places where you can hide the tracking device.

Beneath the dashboard

Do you know how to open the dashboard? If yes, then it is the best place to hide the GPS unit. The driver won’t be able to guess that the device is beneath the dashboard. There would also be no issues with signal too from the dashboard area. If you are hiding the GPS unit beneath the dashboard, make sure that you place it in such a way that the signal from the satellite radio does not in any impact the device’s working.

Beneath the undercarriage

What about placing the device right beneath the undercarriage? If your GPS unit is a magnetic one, then without any second thought you can place it in the vehicle undercarriage. Remember to cover it with a protective casing for protecting the unit from snow or water.

If you have decided to place the GPS unit beneath the undercarriage, then install the device near the edge. This will enable good signal strength. Remember, however advanced the GPS tracking software may be, ultimately the performance of the device would depend on the signal strength.

Rear bumper

Another excellent place to hide the device. The rear bumper is a place which drivers usually don’t care much about, as compared to other parts of a car. Moreover, since the unit would be placed underneath the bumper, it would be hard to detect.

Rear brake lights

Perhaps the best place to hide the GPS unit. You will need to have the skill to remove the light cover and place it perfectly. If not, you can always seek professional help. Even if the driver were to swipe the cover while cleaning the car, he or she will not able to find out that there is a vehicle tracking device hidden behind.

Below the seat

What about hiding the GPS unit right beneath the passenger’s seat? You will need to remove the cushion and place the device inside, before you sew it again. The work should be such that no one should doubt the fact that the device is inside the cushion. There should be no unwanted bulges showing out of the cushion.

Never make the mistake of placing the unit in between seats. Remember, this is the first place any driver would search for a missing item

Why change from a manual fleet management system to a digital one

In this post we will give the reasons why it is worthwhile- and much- to change from a manual to a digital Vehicle Tracking software.

Automation of work in the office- Automating tasks is the best way to avoid human errors. For example, vehicle maintenance tasks can be automated, tachograph data can be downloaded and stored automatically, etc.

Real-time location of vehicles- Automatically, no need to call the driver to find out if situation. The fleet management technology allows to see on a map, in real time, the exact location of the vehicles.

Supervision of the driving style with real data- It is possible to know how vehicles are being driven, with real data on driving style, based on the detection of sudden manoeuvres, braking, speeding or idle time. In this way, training programs can be established to improve the driving style of the fleet and take advantage of responsible driving: fuel savings, less vehicle wear, reduced emissions and improved safety. The most modern solutions even offer real-time advice to drivers.

Choose the most appropriate route- the driver can have access at all times to the best routes to their destination, with traffic information in real time, to avoid traffic jams and always arrive on time. The manager, for his part, can plan the best routes in advance, taking into account, for example, the size and weight of the vehicle or the stops that must be made during the journey. This not only reduces mileage and associated costs, but also ensures customer satisfaction.

Integration with other back office systems- Modern GPS Tracking Solutions allow seamless integration with the technological systems available to the client, such as CRM, billing, etc. And you can even develop customized applications for drivers, in order to improve their day-to-day work.

What are the main reasons why you should no longer use manual solutions when managing your fleet? Why should you switch to automation and help with technology?

We detail some of these reasons:

  1. More paperwork and documents

If you only use paper and digital documents, such as spreadsheets, to record your fleet activity rather than a technological solution, you will only increase the amount of paper passing through your business and therefore the time spent processing this data.

  1. No visibility on the costs and processes of the company

Your spreadsheet probably contains only partial information (relative subjective) on the activity and the costs of your fleet, as the recordings were made by an employee without using geolocation or technology. This is a pretty dangerous practice because it can lead to erroneous assumptions about the status of your fleet that can lead to bad strategic decisions.

  1. Difficulty sharing data

If you use manual methods, it can be difficult to share data among your team or to specify who has access to which data. Apart from this, the data can be encoded by an individual in such a way that they are not necessarily understandable by colleagues.

  1. Difficulty in identifying the necessary progress

By manually collecting data, errors are more likely to occur due to poor data entry or outdated data. In this way, it is difficult to see what the potential improvements of your fleet are.

  1. Poor quality of fleet data

Again, errors in data entry, the inability to provide current data or the delay in entering this data due to this tedious task can affect the quality of your data and fleet indicators.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Software

Vehicle tracking is big business now in the developed countries recession has taught companies about the values of cost-control, monitoring and tracking every penny that comes in and goes out. Fuel tracking, Engine tracking are some of the key functionalities desired by businesses today in order to get a grip on what’s happening. Remote monitoring through device agnostic, platform agnostic software powered by the internet is what businesses demand. And therefore we offer free installation and free support for the first three months. Here is how we go about it: First our team members give you an online demo through a youtube link that will make things clear. In the second step, we come to your location and install and thereafter we set up and customize the system to suit your needs. With 30 second reporting, you get information in real-time about the fuel consumed, distance travelled, the route being taken and crash reports in case any mishap occurs. you can view these reports and videos from your mobile as well. Though the software is for sale in UK and Ireland, this vehicle tracking software works all across Europe.


 Benefit from our wide expertise 


The software license we offer covers the cost of installation, maintenance, software licenses and other charges. Users who sign up to buy this software; sign a small no-obligation cancel anytime contract that defines the service parameters. you can cancel and ask for a refund even within the duration of the contract period. Since we cater to a wide variety of customer segments like traders, architects, governments, builders and all those who use logistics to fulfil their orders, we can customize our software to suit your specific business requirements. Other services that you can expect from our software include:


Driver behaviour reporting

Mobile workforce productivity

Vehicle protection

GPS vehicle tracking

Fleet tracking

fuel tracking


Get in touch with our experts today to know how you can gain more with this tool


With e-commerce led businesses doing exceedingly well on the internet, the demand for logistics service providers has shot up. Both in developing and developed countries, businesses require real-time monitoring to help them account for every penny. Tell us your requirement today by phone or email and we will create a customized plan for you. Our team of professionals will also give you a demonstration of the customized solution that we have developed We have been in this business of asset and vehicle tracking for years and can lend our expertise to you in this regard. Our comprehensive reports showing time sheets and vehicle locations prove very helpful in ensuring timely deliveries as replacement vehicles can be sent immediately. You will stay on course when it comes to fulfilling your delivery commitments. Since 70% of users pay cash on delivery, ensuring that items reach on time in perfect condition is of paramount importance. Faster the delivery higher will be the trust amongst buyers who will reward you with repeat orders.

Why telematics and electronic fleet management systems are better than traditional system?

Automating fleet management is common today and has many advantages over traditional systems. We have already explored this topic in several previous articles, but we can always give you additional reasons to opt for computerized systems rather than choosing manual methods of management. Here are four other reasons:

An automated program of safer driving

Automated Vehicle Tracking software typically includes driver behaviour alerts. These alerts focus on dangerous driving such as sudden braking, fast acceleration, too much speed and too tight cornering. These signals help develop a safe driving program that includes risk assessment, driver training, rewards for safe driving and more.

Integrated fuel management

Some systems automatically incorporate fuel cards and form a complete fuel management system that connects fuel use to dangerous driving. It allows to raise awareness about the safety of the fleet, but also to train in eco-driving.

A standardized system

Automation software helps manage vehicle fleets, whether they are in urban areas or require centralization and organization in remote locations. All this can be done on the same system! Getting the same results with a manual method would be much more difficult. You will quickly appreciate the benefits of a fleet management automation software!

Integrated maintenance management

Most Fleet Tracking system contains built-in tools that you can use to improve the visibility of your data, improve the use of your assets, and better organize each lifecycle of your fleet. The service is no exception and is directly related to the vehicle life cycle while being part of ethical business practices.

For those of you who still do not believe in this superiority, we have gathered five great reasons to opt for an electronic fleet management system rather than a manual one – if you have not yet replaced your old paper sheets, you will certainly do it after reading this article- the power of telematics!

  1. Automatic recording of data

No need for paper verification sheets – your fleet management systems collect all the necessary vehicle data. These data are collected according to your favorite indicators and are customizable!

  1. Minimum administrative burden

Your team will have time to focus on value-added tasks rather than brainstorming on paper sheets with complicated formulas and incorrect records. It will also allow your team to grow: working with digital systems is a plus because they leave more time to focus on essential tasks of their business.

  1. Automated visibility of every aspect

The automatic recording of each step allows you to manage your team and resources better and to have more information to make the right decisions. It is a valuable and useful intelligence tool for better fleet logistics, which not only ensures better fleet operation for customers but also for all stakeholders.

  1. Easier compliance

Having an electronic system that records vehicle checks, reports vehicle defects, their location or activity, and records driver details, equipment checks or even maintenance will help you comply with the law. And to put good practices in place simply and quickly.

  1. Reliable data recorded for easy access to certifications of excellence

Telematics is the passport to a successfully managed fleet as it improves processes and helps your company to reinforce its image. Making your fleet management smarter is the key to transport certifications and fleet management rewards. Do not forget that the success of your business is also linked to reputation, certifications and memberships!

Fleet Tracking, Efficiency and Regulatory Compliance

In order to survive in today’s competitive environment, fleet operators must increase their productivity, reduce operating costs and ensure compliance. Controlling a productive fleet is about getting the right data at the right time and being able to take immediate action.

GPS Tracking Solutions provide a cost-effective and reliable communication link for locating vehicle locations, reducing fuel costs, optimizing routes, improving driver behaviour, minimizing downtime, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Wherever vehicles are on the move, even outside mobile coverage, these systems offer the reach to enable ongoing connectivity for reliable and cost-effective fleet tracking. Advanced fleet analytics translate data into action to improve the performance and profitability of your fleet.

Two-way communication gives you complete visibility and full control over your fleet

  • Fleet tracking via GPS: tracking the movements of your fleet vehicles and checking previous trips to ensure compliance with assigned routes and the intended use of your cars.
  • Visibility of Your Fleet: Monitor vehicle locations and route details, including distance travelled and time required.
  • Advanced Reports: Send Configurable Position, Motion, and Other Reports. More frequent transmissions via mobile with reliable satellite backup.
  • Cargo security: Monitoring door sensors to detect theft attempts, ensuring that cargo is safe from start to finish.

Most of the people wait until the last minute to make decisions and take action on an issue or problem. Fleet managers are no exception: one of their recurring mistakes is to postpone the in-depth evaluation of their fleet’s activity for fear of what they might discover.

Why do you tend to procrastinate in the management of your fleet?

There are several reasons. Today, we present all the causes of procrastination:

1- The thing to do is unpleasant

Unpleasant, annoying, complicated, there are many words to describe a task. It may be a discussion with a driver, finding the causes of a problem on a vehicle, handling paperwork such as invoices.

2- You are disorganized

This aspect is related to reason number 1. The more work you do, the more workload will be necessary, and a severe workload can quickly become complicated to organize. As a fleet manager, you must address many often complex issues and respond to pressing demands. You have to balance things out and determine that they are urgent and vital tasks. Refer those that do not need immediate resolution. On the other hand, solve the problems very quickly before they become a risk for the company and that it taints your performance.

3- You are a perfectionist

Do you know that being a perfectionist is both a quality and a defect? Fun, is not it? We are indeed waiting for the perfect moment and ideal conditions to take action: to have the budget, to wait for the perfect opportunity to implement changes or make important decisions, and so on. But is there a perfect moment? Remember that the unexpected can be good or bad.

4- You do not have enough skills to make a decision

Do you not have enough data to make a decision? Are you afraid of making the wrong choice? We have a solution that allows you always to make the right decision and make the right choice: our new fleet management system. This system is the ultimate anti-procrastination tool. It gives you all the information you need and shows you the overall condition of the vehicle, the expenses but also the fuel consumption. We also offer solutions to improve your management.

The future of Fleet Management

The field of fleet management systems and associated vehicles is a dynamic microcosm of the present and current vehicle tracking industry.

Using the potential of intelligent devices and IoT connectivity, a fleet management system connected to the vehicle not only can determine speed, position, and temperature but can also interact with roads, buildings and other surrounding vehicles to provide real-time information, improve safety and avoid traffic.

In recent years, consumer expectations have changed dramatically from the spread of smartphones and tablets. People now demand continuous connectivity and uninterrupted customisations, and the car is the natural habitat for this kind of requests and the user experience that it can allow.

Current applications

Affiliated cars and fleets are benefiting greatly from the recent spread of smartphones and apps.

Fleet Managers can use Fleet Tracking software to monitor driver performance (stiff braking, downtime, delays, speed limits, deviations, etc.), reduce fuel consumption, plan routes, and manage vehicle life cycles from acquisition to disposal.

Also, most systems also feature integrated reporting capabilities that provide high-level status information and asset usage.

The fleet solution collects and analyzes all data from dozens (often hundreds) of sensors, and also improves passenger safety (e.g., by activating braking systems in case of malfunction when driving or sending an SOS in case of road accident).

The features commonly present are:

  • Vehicle Tracking software
  • Regulatory compliance management
  • Fuel Management
  • Dispatching
  • Scorecard (to measure driver performance)
  • Managing job orders
  • Maintenance
  • Parts Inventory
  • Accident Management
  • Reporting/analytics

Major challenges

Many different industries rely on some transport infrastructure, such as production, supply chain management, and public transport, to name a few.

A large number of companies, these days, are adopting fleet management software as a way to improve operational performance, increase revenue, and earn a competitive edge. More stringent rules on emissions and increased fuel costs also contribute to the need for centralized fleet management systems.

The dynamism of this industry brings many challenges for business and suppliers to be solved. The organization that wants to adopt fleet management solutions in their organization needs to analyze the situation as well as plan their actions thoroughly.


The main challenges can be summarized as follows:


Training for staff (i.e., staffed or even IT professionals specializing in different fields): they will need advanced training on all the technological features of modern cars to offer a satisfying customer experience;

Privacy and Security Policies that will need to be further improved to safeguard your auto-related data, primarily because users will continue to use their devices in braided fashion with commercial vehicles;

Misalignment between software update times and car hardware: automotive products continue to have a longer production and development cycle (5 years on average) than software and mobile devices (monthly or yearly). Vehicle components require more work involved and cannot reasonably be upgraded at no additional cost, unlike smartphone upgrade. The desire of the customers of the latest features will have to be run by the realities of automotive production;

Connectivity costs: Who will bear the cost of connectivity regarding data usage? Will the employees add the car as a “device” to their existing mobile plan, or will costs be borne by the organization?

Do you transport cargo? GPS in the help!

Car GPS trackers and lighthouses are suitable for installation on personal and commercial, passenger and freight transport. Picking a GPS tracker for a bus or specialized equipment, you need to outline the range of tasks that are planned to solve with its help. And what kind of functions can GPS carry out for trucks?

GPS monitoring of trucks

The GPS Tracking Solutions receive signals from satellites, determines their coordinates from them and transfers this data to the dispatcher server or phone. The tracker does this regularly, and based on the information obtained from it, a track is formed on the map – a route along which the transport moves. At the same time, the time of the beginning and stopping of the movement, all stops, the average speed of movement and on a specific segment of the path are recorded.

But locating and tracking movement are not the only functions of GPS devices. Most vehicle Tracking software are equipped with built-in accelerometers that respond to changes in the position of the vehicle or cargo, temperature sensors. And using all the functions of the tracker and connecting additional sensors to the GPS, you can create an integrated monitoring system with other features:

  • Speed control, notification of exceeding the maximum permissible speed.
  • Assessment of the quality of driving by fixing jolts, jerks, shocks, speeding.
  • Information of temperature outside the specified range.
  • Control of fuel drain, its level, and flow rate, as well as places of fueling.
  • Control of opening/closing the cargo hold.
  • Identification of trailed equipment.
  • Identification of the driver and checking the presence of the passenger in the cab of the truck.
  • Notification of a parking stop.

The GPS beacon for tanks is usually used in conjunction with a fuel level sensor (FTI). The sensor can determine the level of any liquid that is transported in the tank. These data are transmitted to the GPS monitoring server. Such a system helps to determine where the tank was unloaded or loaded, how much liquid was drained, along which route the transport moved between loading and unloading.

The GPS tracker is used for voice communication with the driver, listening to the situation in the cab, and in the event of an emergency the driver can immediately report this by pressing the alarm button.

Benefits from the introduction of GPS monitoring in freight transport

What kind of tasks can be solved by providing a cargo vehicle with a GPS tracker with a variety of sensors? There are a lot of them:

  • The supervisor or dispatcher knows where each of the machines is located at a particular time.
  • The client of the carrier company can access the monitoring server and track the movement of its cargo; this increases the level of confidence in the performer.
  • Left flights, deviations from the route and schedule, long downtime, non-compliance with the speed limit, inaccurate transportation, the theft of part of the cargo will not go unnoticed.
  • Accurate accounting of fuel consumption is maintained, facts of draining or refueling with low-quality cheap fuel are recorded at random filling stations.
  • Increases the labor discipline of drivers.
  • Reduces the risk of damage to the cargo due to a violation of the temperature regime or inaccurate driving habits.
  • The accounting is simplified.

3 Utilities of a Logistical Fleet Management Software

To survive in today’s competitive landscape, fleet owners must increase productivity, reduce costs and ensure compliance. Managing a productive fleet involves receiving the right data at the right time and the ability to take immediate action.

The transport is a key part of the logistics process. It is no good that all the previous work has been impeccable. If the order does not reach on time and in optimal conditions to your customer, the service will have been deficient. To optimize the transport of your company you need to manage your fleet of vehicles correctly. With Vehicle Tracking Software, you will achieve the control you are looking for.

Control and manage your vehicle fleets

Right now you have absolute control over everything that happens in your store. But you know what happens outside of him? The process of transport and delivery of orders is the one that puts your company in contact with your customer.

A software fleet management and drivers allow you to control every detail of this critical element. Many will be the uses and benefits you can get out of this type of service. It will largely depend on the specific needs of your company. However, there are shared needs by any logistics and Transportation Company.

These three can be solved with good GPS Tracking Solutions:

  1. Optimize the routes of your trucks.

As you could have read earlier that designing the routes correctly is indispensable to work efficiently. All your trucks may arrive at their destination within the agreed period. But perhaps the route followed is not the right one. Maybe another would be fewer kilometers. Or you will find less traffic. Or they could refuel at a cheaper gas station.

A fleet management logistic software will allow you to find the ideal route to follow for each trip. Quickly and intuitively, you will design the routes of all your trucks. You can forget the delays. And your customers will thank you.

  1. Check where each of your trucks is at any time.

A customer calls you asking for your order. He’s already gone, he’s on his way. Tell him where he is on the road. How much time does it take to get there? Ensure that everything goes as planned. You will have a satisfied customer.

With your logistic fleet management software, you will see on your own computer or smartphone a map with all your trucks. You will see the exact location of each. You can quickly detect if someone has deviated from your route or is late in your trip.

  1. Reduce the fuel consumed by each truck.

The primary cost expenditure for any transport company is that of fuel. Reducing the gas used by each truck will mean significant savings.

GPS Tracking Solutions will let you know, for example, if any of your trucks is idling for too long. You will also know if there are accelerations or sudden braking during driving. You can analyze the driving style of each of your drivers and promote efficient driving.

The Advantages of Route Optimization with GPS Fleet Tracking Software

The software fleet tracking allows us much more to know where our vehicles are at any time. The creation of optimal and efficient routes is the future of the fleet business.


Take advantage of fleet tracking software to increase your business savings


Optimizing the routes of vehicles in our fleet is no longer something of the future. It is an activity that we must undertake today to ensure the success of the company tomorrow. We no longer speak of dotted lines leading from point A to point B in the straightest line possible. The fleet managers can take advantage of the software fleet tracking and telematics systems that allow them to know much more than the position of a vehicle.


Now, at a glance, the Vehicle Tracking Software can see where the vehicle is headed, its speed, the wear of some key parts, the skills of the driver behind the wheel, whether the belt is attached or the road conditions and the time zone.


Thanks to this information, the fleet manager can create optimal routes for all vehicles at the same time. These routes are characterized by not always being the shortest, but the most efficient. For example, avoiding dangerous or uncomfortable areas for vehicles, such as construction sites, is a saving, although the route takes a few minutes.


Likewise, avoiding school and commercial areas at certain times of the day means not wasting time in traffic jams and not incurring the unnecessary risk of accidents. All these variables should influence the decisions taken by the fleet administrator, who can do them with the information provided by fleet tracking software.


Optimization of the route is not just about finding the distance from the point source to destination.


In the same way, the optimization of the routes thanks to the GPS Tracking Solutions allows excellent savings at the end of the year for the company. Calculating the most efficient routes saves fuel, and also provides refuelling without wasting time and money. Also, fleet managers today have an indispensable ally: the smartphone.

Modern mobile applications that integrate analysis, real-time information and the ability to communicate at all times with drivers and vehicles. This possibility never before seen allows controlling the efficient operation of the whole fleet from anywhere and without wasting time.


Last but not least, route optimization also helps to present a more pleasant and efficient image to customers. Companies that provide management services have a lot to take advantage of route optimization thanks to fleet tracking software. With this technology, it is possible to reduce the service windows of the whole day or half a day, to a specific time that the customer can choose.


With this information, the visits are programmed so that all the vehicles are there where they are required in each moment.


What do you expect to incorporate a fleet tracking software solution into your fleet? Take advantage of all the benefits of route optimization and start saving time and money from day one. Do not hesitate to ask for more information to find the perfect solution for your fleet.

Vehicle tracking made simpler

Indeed, technology has made vehicle tracking a much more easy and simplified process. Earlier it was nothing less than shooting in the dark when it came to tracking trucks through high frequency radio devices but now you have an accurate view of everything. The first-generation of vehicle tracking software relied on smart cards with magnetic strips attached to the back which connected to the main control room through a very small aperture terminal satellite that was very economical. But later, the need for video recording of the crash and specialized software that could report about the condition of the vehicle in real time basis arose. High demand led to high innovation and the net result is in front of you.

Forewarned is forearmed

This is the most sensible approach business owners should follow, when it comes to managing their entire fleet. Vehicle tracking software, thus purchased should be compatible to all kinds of vehicles. Users should be able to get reports at regular intervals about the condition of the engine, chassis, vehicle, fuel status, wear and tear, and the most important thing: whether the driver has had adequate rest between two long haul trips. This kind of software has very high demand potential in developing countries where driving on highways is unsafe. In western countries, you will see female drivers on the wheel of a truck bound for a long-distance trip. But not in developing countries where all sorts of crimes happen against drivers on highways.

It’s an enormous source of competitive advantage

Many industries rely on vehicle tracking software to get the raw material for their inputs and these include: Ecommerce, FMCG, plant and machinery. And the list of service oriented industries needing vehicle tracking services has expanded to include: Courier companies, taxi companies, security agencies, milk, dairy and poultry products agencies which require this kind of software to ensure last mile delivery of products to the consumer.Support is offered on phone and on email coupled with on-site visits from engineers to customise the product as per your requirements. Users can even put their own logo on the system fitted by us at zero cost. just a small little investment in securing your car or truck will go a long way in saving millions of rupees in damages, legal claims and can offer you enormous mental peace.


Flexible pricing that works wonders

Installation is free in the whole of Ireland which is another added bonus. Unlike other product software companies, we do not tie you into long term contracts. You will be delighted with our flexible pricing solutions which are nearly obligation free. So, get ready to get detailed information about the direction, speed, departure time, arrival and location of your key vehicles through this unique GPS enabled software that will act like a force multiplier for your business.

It will definitely add to your overall business confidence, as well. Both your employees, suppliers and vendors will be satisfied that you have done something concrete for their security.  Respect in the system will increase and you will see a higher quality of investors coming into your ecosystem and willing to do business with you with open arms.

Put more technology behind the wheels to succeed!!

Undoubtedly, that’s the way you need to go about running your transportation business. By incorporating more advanced technology in your business, you can do more for less and get the maximum bang for the buck. Modern fleet management has become very professional with the help of specialized vehicle tracking software that gives you up the minute information about the status of your vehicle in real time.

Pull the guesswork out of the business

Yes, that’s important, if you want to engender trust in the system for people expecting detailed information like direction, speed, location, arrival and departure time. Users demand crash reports and video footage of the crash in advanced versions of the software.The data offered by vehicle tracking software can pin -point negligence.An important thing about the software is that it is easy to install and offers data in a user-friendly format, making it easy to use.Whatever be your needs be it comprehensive mapping or reporting, the software makes it that much easier to work. You can be sure of the best results by having a technology partner in the form of such a robust vehicle tracking system.

Use technology defend lawsuits and get what you deserve

If your vehicle is insured, then you can use the crash reports obtained from a vehicle tracking system to claim damages in proportion to the premium paid for comprehensive car insurance. The good thing is that this vehicle tracking system works for cars, vans, trucks, boats and therefore, if your fleet is insured, then if multiple vehicles get smashed, you can claim higher compensation. Moreover, even insurance companies can be doubly sure of the fact that they are handing out compensation to the right parties after seeing the crash reports and the videos related to it.

Explore the full bouquet of benefits offered

Logistics industry decides the velocity of business in numerous industry verticals like pharma, ecommerce, publishing, mobiles, electronics. Timing is of essence in this business. Therefore, these companies desire a strong back -end powered by technology that can give them An accurate view through GPS is what users desire and they can get this entire vehicle tracking system for a fixed monthly fee of a few euros a month. No upfront capital investments to be made, no maintenance or bug fixing headaches as they are all taken care of by the vendor.

Isn’t that the best thing that happened to the vehicle tracking industry?

Securing an entire fleet for a few euros each month minus the headaches.Nowadays, software vendors offer not just support through phone and email but also through on-site visits of engineers. These engineers will understand your business and customize the software by adding and removing functionalities that will help you do more in less.

Last but not the least,training your staff in using this software is quite easy as they are mostly plug and play. So, no losses in terms of operational productivity while getting the staff acquainted with a new piece of software.

Check the product videos today and take the first step in changing your business!

How Easy It Becomes To Track the Vehicles With GPS Or Fleet Tracking Software

In businesses where several numbers of vehicles are involved, or numerous cars are engaged daily to perform various tasks, tracking all of them is necessary. Otherwise, you cannot manage and control them. For example, when you have a chain of grocery stores all over the city and need to supply the products from the storeroom or warehouse to the different stores then you need several vehicles can go to different directions. Now, monitoring all of them or noticing their accurate timing cannot be possible manually. You need a well-developed software system for the same. This is the reason software developers come with the idea of Fleet Tracking Software.

What Is It

The very name suggests that this is a software system which is used to track the fleets or the vehicles involved in a certain business. Individual devices are attached to each vehicle that is connected to a centralized system. You can control and monitor them all through that centralized system which is installed in your office or home. That means you can get all the details of your every vehicle while they are on duty and control their movements as per your business requirements.

How Does It Work

GPS means the Global Positioning System. There are approximately 30 satellites that are placed in the space and orbit our planet. They send signals to the ground receivers, and people who monitor those receivers can utilize those signals to track various objects including cars. With the help of this system, you can get the present location of that object and monitor its movement as well.

When you install the GPS software inside your vehicles, then the device get connected with those satellites, and they start sending signals to the ground receivers. Your centralized system can obtain those signals from there, and you can easily monitor your vehicles. You can understand when it starts moving, when the wheels stop, when and how fast the drivers are driving the cars on the roads, even which roads they are taking. The system allows you to note how many miles the car has moved today or how many hours it has worked on a certain week. You can then calculate the weekly duty as well as payment of your drivers or staffs according to the same.

Save Your Business

In many cases, it is seen that staffs are not transparent or honest with their duty hours when you do not monitor them. They can use your vehicles without your permission. Unauthenticated use of vehicles can ruin your business. On the other hand, Fleet Tracking Software can easily save your business by constant monitoring of the same. You can not only monitor your vehicles but also keep a daily track of them. You can understand when your vehicle is in the sleep mode and when it is on the street. That means your drivers or staffs cannot lie to you about the vehicles and their positions. It makes your job of tracking and managing the cars easier than before. Moreover, you can feel relaxed when you know that everything is in your control.

How GPS Tracking Is Cost-Effective For Your Business

Fleet management demands a lot of hard work. You need to track the vehicles as well as the drivers as per their duty schedules and route schedules. Tracking them manually is next to impossible task for the fleet managers. With the introduction of GPS tracking system, the entire process becomes easier than before for many business houses. The fleet managers, drivers, company owners, as well as the clients can get huge benefits from this system.

Is It Cost-Effective

Before you get an answer to this question, try to know about the features that are closely related to this system. These are the features that make GPS Tracking almost inseparable from the modern automobile and vehicle management industry. All the modern models of the top cars have this system installed in them.

  • GPS can help the owners to track their cars no matter where are they going.
  • You can monitor every roll of the wheel from your office when your car is on the road.
  • You can calculate exactly how many miles the vehicles are traveling each day or how many hours they are working per week with the help of this system.
  • You can understand which roads the driver is availing to go to a certain point.
  • You can also track the break time, overtime and the duty hours of individual drivers through this system.
  • GPS helps you to locate the cars, and hence you can track it easily in case of loss of stealing. Thus, you can claim the insurance easily or get back your own car without spending money for buying a new one.

All these features of the GPS tracking system allow you to know the exact movement of the car. Hence, they make it easier for you to manage your vehicles as well as the business. You can do a lot of things together because of this one system, and that is why the experts call it cost-effective. You can save the cost of excess fuel consumption, excess overtime payment, or excessive servicing of the car because of this GPS Tracking software.

Apart from that GPS tracking software helps the drivers to choose the shortest and easiest route to reach a certain destination. That means your cars will not only consume less fuel but the machines will perform less, and that keeps them healthy for a longer period. The vehicles that work hard and offer tough performance every day have the greater chance to get damaged and need frequent servicing which is an extra cost. In this case, when you install the GPS tracking system then you can get rid of such unwanted costs.

The designers and developers of this system keep that in mind that business owners prefer to use to save money. Therefore, they try to make it a cost-effective system for the users. You can go for the free trial version of this system to ensure that the technique is really useful for your business and helps you in saving your monthly business costs. Look for the companies that offer such free trials with easy installation and maintenance services.

Use Fleet Tracking Software For Increased Efficiency In Business

As a business owner, you need something that can increase the efficiency level in your business to a great extent. Your business may be a small one, but your goals are not. Hence, you should have something that can make it easier for you to enhance the efficiency in business and achieve your targets. Using the modern fleet tracking software is business is one such thing that can improve the current efficiency level and help you to achieve your business goals in a competitively shorter time.

Required For Effective Fleet Management

When vehicles or automobiles play a vital role in your business, then you cannot ignore the matter of fleet management. In such cases, fleet management becomes equal to business management. The modern Fleet Tracking Software can help you in the flawless management of your fleets as per the needs and the business. You can feel relaxed when you know that your vehicles are managed in an efficient manner and ready to provide with the best performance.

Ensure The Security

The difficult part of fleet management is ensuring that both the cargo and the fleet are safe during the journey. It is impossible to track all the fleets manually during the journey for any fleet manager. Hence, they need something that can track the vehicle as well as the cargo and report the manager about the same. To get such updated and constant information about the cargo and the vehicle during the journey, you cannot ignore the significance of the modern fleet management system.

Do Not Effect The Productivity

While managing the security of the fleets you have to ensure that the productivity of your business is not affected. Keeping the vehicles and the cargo safe is as important as reaching the destination on time. You cannot risk your market reputation at any cost. You should not follow any such system where the productivity of your business gets damaged or reduced. The modern GPS Tracking software can help you to maintain the level of productivity; even increase the same as well.

Multiple Features For Your Benefit

The modern fleet tracking or GPS tracking system comes with a lot of features to ensure that you get benefits from the same. The modern tools have easy to use interface so that the fleet managers, as well as the drivers, can use them without any difficulty. The software is ready to offer accurate and timely tracking. There is an option for historical data recording as well as reporting. The drivers can see the seamless maps on the GPS device screen. The wireless connectivity makes them highly flexible for the modern day business.

The modern business owners always look for the system that makes business management an easier task for them. Since the competition is very high, you cannot let your business suffering from low efficiency and inadequate development issues. Thus, the inclusion of advanced GPS tracking system becomes mandatory for the modern business all over the globe. You must try this system to increase the productivity and efficiency of your business.

Proper GPS Tracking Can Increase The Lifespan Of Your Vehicle

Modern automobiles come with multiple features that can enhance the efficiency and functionality of their machinery. However, there are some technologies that can increase the functionality but somehow reduce the lifespan of your cars. Various parts of the cars put maximum effort to provide highest performance and that can affect their longevity. This is the reason the modern automobile industry try to develop tools that can increase the overall life of the vehicles and makes it easier for the car owners to use their cars for a longer period.

GPS tracking is useful not only for tracking the vehicles on the roads but also for keeping them in good condition for a longer period than before. With the passing course of time, the technicalities of GPS are improved a lot. The modern system is able to perform a lot of tasks including tracking the current position of the cars and telling the right roads to the drivers.

  • With the help of the GPS Tracking device, the drivers can see the current speed of the vehicle. That means they can understand if they are crossing the certain speed and increasing the risk of having road accidents. Hence, they can control the speed and reduce the risks which ultimately keep the vehicle safe from being damaged.
  • GPS tracker indicates the shortest and safest routes to the drivers. At the same time, it also indicates the fastest and the easiest routes to them. That saves your time and helps your car to reach the destination without much effort. Thus, the longevity of the car will increase easily.
  • Moreover, the GPS tracking system increases the efficiency of your vehicles to a great extent. The system can tell you when you need to fill up the fuel tank and how fast the tank is getting emptied. That is a clear indication of the health of your car engine. If the fuel consumption is higher than the normal rate, then the engine is not in good condition, and you should replace it or send it for servicing. This will help you to increase the functionality and life of your vehicle to a great extent.
  • Above all, installing Fleet Tracking Software in the vehicles is not an expensive affair. You can improve the condition of your vehicles easily without a huge investment with the help of this technology.

When it is easy to improve the condition of your vehicle, then your business can be easily flourished, and you can avoid the risks in business. The fluctuating demands of your customers can be fulfilled when you know that your business has the required strength. With strongest, most efficient, most functional and highly advanced vehicles you can easily obtain the desired position in the industry of fleet management. You can manage your vehicles with ease when you have the best fleet tracking system installed in them. Your job will be easier and simpler than before with the help of these modern tools developed by the experts. Hence, you should not waste your time if you wish to have a well-maintained fleet system.