3 Utilities of a Logistical Fleet Management Software

To survive in today’s competitive landscape, fleet owners must increase productivity, reduce costs and ensure compliance. Managing a productive fleet involves receiving the right data at the right time and the ability to take immediate action.

The transport is a key part of the logistics process. It is no good that all the previous work has been impeccable. If the order does not reach on time and in optimal conditions to your customer, the service will have been deficient. To optimize the transport of your company you need to manage your fleet of vehicles correctly. With Vehicle Tracking Software, you will achieve the control you are looking for.

Control and manage your vehicle fleets

Right now you have absolute control over everything that happens in your store. But you know what happens outside of him? The process of transport and delivery of orders is the one that puts your company in contact with your customer.

A software fleet management and drivers allow you to control every detail of this critical element. Many will be the uses and benefits you can get out of this type of service. It will largely depend on the specific needs of your company. However, there are shared needs by any logistics and Transportation Company.

These three can be solved with good GPS Tracking Solutions:

  1. Optimize the routes of your trucks.

As you could have read earlier that designing the routes correctly is indispensable to work efficiently. All your trucks may arrive at their destination within the agreed period. But perhaps the route followed is not the right one. Maybe another would be fewer kilometers. Or you will find less traffic. Or they could refuel at a cheaper gas station.

A fleet management logistic software will allow you to find the ideal route to follow for each trip. Quickly and intuitively, you will design the routes of all your trucks. You can forget the delays. And your customers will thank you.

  1. Check where each of your trucks is at any time.

A customer calls you asking for your order. He’s already gone, he’s on his way. Tell him where he is on the road. How much time does it take to get there? Ensure that everything goes as planned. You will have a satisfied customer.

With your logistic fleet management software, you will see on your own computer or smartphone a map with all your trucks. You will see the exact location of each. You can quickly detect if someone has deviated from your route or is late in your trip.

  1. Reduce the fuel consumed by each truck.

The primary cost expenditure for any transport company is that of fuel. Reducing the gas used by each truck will mean significant savings.

GPS Tracking Solutions will let you know, for example, if any of your trucks is idling for too long. You will also know if there are accelerations or sudden braking during driving. You can analyze the driving style of each of your drivers and promote efficient driving.