5 Must Have Features in A GPS Tracking System

The boom in the car market has given rise to a thriving accessories and spare parts industry. After all, a vehicle if you were to see, is nothing but an assembly of several components. One of the key components of a car is a vehicle tracking system. With advances in technology there are several models of these devices that can be found in the market. With such a wide choice on offer, how do you ensure that you choose the right one?  You can easily select one based on the features of a system. Let us take a closer look at some of the key features in a vehicle tracking system.


Live tracking

The advances in technology have meant that today there is vehicle tracking software available, which can pin point the location of a vehicle with ease. This feature is particularly important to those who are managing a fleet of vehicles. With this feature all that the administrator needs to do is to look at the display and keep track of the movement of the vehicles. Such regular monitoring also instills a sense of responsibility among drivers, who improve their driving habits too. The overall result of all this is a more efficient fleet.


Trip log

You can make a marking of all the important statistics that you want from the system. The GPS tracking software packages that come these days are also designed in such a manner that every small detail of a trip is clearly available. For example, if a driver had indulged in over speeding over certain stretches, the information would be clearly displayed in the trip log. Other key data such as the idling time, distance travelled, stoppages, etc., are also available at any point in time. With advances in technology, the number of items for which data is available is only expected to increase.


Geo Fencing

This is yet another must have feature in a tracking system. What exactly is geo fencing? What is its specialty? Well, geo fencing is a feature using which you can create a boundary from which if the vehicle were to deviate in its route, you will get an immediate alert. This is a feature that has benefited several fleet managers. The feature will also come in handy if you have got teenaged children at home. You can always be sure of their whereabouts, if they were to deviate from their regular route.


Maintenance alerts

One of the biggest headaches for anyone maintaining a fleet of vehicles is maintenance. Many a times people tend to forget about important maintenance issues. For example, a few vehicles in the time may be needing an oil change. The brake may need to be tightened. There could be issues with the drive train. Similarly, fuel pilferage would definitely need alerts. These days GPS software developers are ensuring that they fit in as many alerts as possible in order to make life easier for fleet managers.