5 Top Places to Conceal a Tracking Device

Whether it is to keep a close watch on your teenage son or daughter, or finding out what your driver is up to or to simply ensure that your vehicle is not stolen, GPS tracking devices have become a necessity these days. However, if tracking someone without the person knowing it is your aim, then you will first of all need to select the right place to hide the GPS tracking unit. Let’s see what are all the places where you can hide the tracking device.

Beneath the dashboard

Do you know how to open the dashboard? If yes, then it is the best place to hide the GPS unit. The driver won’t be able to guess that the device is beneath the dashboard. There would also be no issues with signal too from the dashboard area. If you are hiding the GPS unit beneath the dashboard, make sure that you place it in such a way that the signal from the satellite radio does not in any impact the device’s working.

Beneath the undercarriage

What about placing the device right beneath the undercarriage? If your GPS unit is a magnetic one, then without any second thought you can place it in the vehicle undercarriage. Remember to cover it with a protective casing for protecting the unit from snow or water.

If you have decided to place the GPS unit beneath the undercarriage, then install the device near the edge. This will enable good signal strength. Remember, however advanced the GPS tracking software may be, ultimately the performance of the device would depend on the signal strength.

Rear bumper

Another excellent place to hide the device. The rear bumper is a place which drivers usually don’t care much about, as compared to other parts of a car. Moreover, since the unit would be placed underneath the bumper, it would be hard to detect.

Rear brake lights

Perhaps the best place to hide the GPS unit. You will need to have the skill to remove the light cover and place it perfectly. If not, you can always seek professional help. Even if the driver were to swipe the cover while cleaning the car, he or she will not able to find out that there is a vehicle tracking device hidden behind.

Below the seat

What about hiding the GPS unit right beneath the passenger’s seat? You will need to remove the cushion and place the device inside, before you sew it again. The work should be such that no one should doubt the fact that the device is inside the cushion. There should be no unwanted bulges showing out of the cushion.

Never make the mistake of placing the unit in between seats. Remember, this is the first place any driver would search for a missing item