6 Best Tips for Vehicle Rental Companies

Vehicle rental companies are among the largest users of GPS tracking systems. And why not? After all they need to keep a close watch on several vehicles together. The software does help in improving the efficiency of fleets too. In fact, that is the key reason why they are so much in demand. If you are wondering in what ways GPs tracking helps rental companies, then here are the reasons.

  1. Real time tracking: With so many vehicles in your fleet how do you know which one has gone where? Or whether things are moving on time? All this information is now virtually available at the click of a button, thanks to vehicle tracking software. With real time tracking, you can pin point the exact location of a vehicle. No driver in your fleet will be able to take you for a ride quite literally now, for they will know that you have got every information about the vehicle’s movement with you.

There are certain other things too that you can monitor using GPS tracking devices. For example, the device can help you find out whether a particular consignment has reached its destination on time. It can also help you track drivers who crossed the speed limit set by you.

  1. Maintenance alerts: One of the biggest headaches with having a large fleet is that more often than not people tend to forget maintenance dates. Just imagine you forgetting to change engine oil. Similarly checking the drive train at regular intervals of time is another thing that people often tend to forget.
  2. Theft alerts: The chances of a vehicle fitted with a GPS tracking software being stolen is remote because they can be easily tracked. Anti-social elements will think twice before trying to steal these vehicles. Thanks to the presence of the device, law enforcement agencies too would be able to track down on the stolen vehicle within a short span of time.
  3. Better customer service: Now you no longer keep customers waiting in your office waiting for a car. Thanks to these devices all the information that you want will be right in front of you. The location of any vehicle in your fleet is now at your finger tip. All that you need to do is to track down a vehicle and ask the driver to come to the office and take care of the next customer.
  4. Help for the drivers too: The vehicle tracking device will also come in handy for the driver too, for they will be able to know the exact route which they need to follow. Similarly, they will also know other aspects of the vehicle, thanks to the regular maintenance alerts.
  5. Taking a look at reports: The various reports that are generated by the system can give a lot of information about the state of a vehicle and driving habits. Thanks to the device you can find out which driver was over-speeding and at which stretches. Similarly, you can find out which one was using the brakes too frequently for comfort. All these things are now a possibility.