Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Software

Vehicle tracking is big business now in the developed countries recession has taught companies about the values of cost-control, monitoring and tracking every penny that comes in and goes out. Fuel tracking, Engine tracking are some of the key functionalities desired by businesses today in order to get a grip on what’s happening. Remote monitoring through device agnostic, platform agnostic software powered by the internet is what businesses demand. And therefore we offer free installation and free support for the first three months. Here is how we go about it: First our team members give you an online demo through a youtube link that will make things clear. In the second step, we come to your location and install and thereafter we set up and customize the system to suit your needs. With 30 second reporting, you get information in real-time about the fuel consumed, distance travelled, the route being taken and crash reports in case any mishap occurs. you can view these reports and videos from your mobile as well. Though the software is for sale in UK and Ireland, this vehicle tracking software works all across Europe.


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The software license we offer covers the cost of installation, maintenance, software licenses and other charges. Users who sign up to buy this software; sign a small no-obligation cancel anytime contract that defines the service parameters. you can cancel and ask for a refund even within the duration of the contract period. Since we cater to a wide variety of customer segments like traders, architects, governments, builders and all those who use logistics to fulfil their orders, we can customize our software to suit your specific business requirements. Other services that you can expect from our software include:


Driver behaviour reporting

Mobile workforce productivity

Vehicle protection

GPS vehicle tracking

Fleet tracking

fuel tracking


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With e-commerce led businesses doing exceedingly well on the internet, the demand for logistics service providers has shot up. Both in developing and developed countries, businesses require real-time monitoring to help them account for every penny. Tell us your requirement today by phone or email and we will create a customized plan for you. Our team of professionals will also give you a demonstration of the customized solution that we have developed We have been in this business of asset and vehicle tracking for years and can lend our expertise to you in this regard. Our comprehensive reports showing time sheets and vehicle locations prove very helpful in ensuring timely deliveries as replacement vehicles can be sent immediately. You will stay on course when it comes to fulfilling your delivery commitments. Since 70% of users pay cash on delivery, ensuring that items reach on time in perfect condition is of paramount importance. Faster the delivery higher will be the trust amongst buyers who will reward you with repeat orders.