Fleet Tracking, Efficiency and Regulatory Compliance

In order to survive in today’s competitive environment, fleet operators must increase their productivity, reduce operating costs and ensure compliance. Controlling a productive fleet is about getting the right data at the right time and being able to take immediate action.

GPS Tracking Solutions provide a cost-effective and reliable communication link for locating vehicle locations, reducing fuel costs, optimizing routes, improving driver behaviour, minimizing downtime, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Wherever vehicles are on the move, even outside mobile coverage, these systems offer the reach to enable ongoing connectivity for reliable and cost-effective fleet tracking. Advanced fleet analytics translate data into action to improve the performance and profitability of your fleet.

Two-way communication gives you complete visibility and full control over your fleet

  • Fleet tracking via GPS: tracking the movements of your fleet vehicles and checking previous trips to ensure compliance with assigned routes and the intended use of your cars.
  • Visibility of Your Fleet: Monitor vehicle locations and route details, including distance travelled and time required.
  • Advanced Reports: Send Configurable Position, Motion, and Other Reports. More frequent transmissions via mobile with reliable satellite backup.
  • Cargo security: Monitoring door sensors to detect theft attempts, ensuring that cargo is safe from start to finish.

Most of the people wait until the last minute to make decisions and take action on an issue or problem. Fleet managers are no exception: one of their recurring mistakes is to postpone the in-depth evaluation of their fleet’s activity for fear of what they might discover.

Why do you tend to procrastinate in the management of your fleet?

There are several reasons. Today, we present all the causes of procrastination:

1- The thing to do is unpleasant

Unpleasant, annoying, complicated, there are many words to describe a task. It may be a discussion with a driver, finding the causes of a problem on a vehicle, handling paperwork such as invoices.

2- You are disorganized

This aspect is related to reason number 1. The more work you do, the more workload will be necessary, and a severe workload can quickly become complicated to organize. As a fleet manager, you must address many often complex issues and respond to pressing demands. You have to balance things out and determine that they are urgent and vital tasks. Refer those that do not need immediate resolution. On the other hand, solve the problems very quickly before they become a risk for the company and that it taints your performance.

3- You are a perfectionist

Do you know that being a perfectionist is both a quality and a defect? Fun, is not it? We are indeed waiting for the perfect moment and ideal conditions to take action: to have the budget, to wait for the perfect opportunity to implement changes or make important decisions, and so on. But is there a perfect moment? Remember that the unexpected can be good or bad.

4- You do not have enough skills to make a decision

Do you not have enough data to make a decision? Are you afraid of making the wrong choice? We have a solution that allows you always to make the right decision and make the right choice: our new fleet management system. This system is the ultimate anti-procrastination tool. It gives you all the information you need and shows you the overall condition of the vehicle, the expenses but also the fuel consumption. We also offer solutions to improve your management.