Good software brings great results

This is what happens when you install the best software for all your logistic needs. Fleet management is simply impossible, if you do not have good software by your side to manage diverse vehicles in your fleet that include: buses, cars, boats, trucks, and similar such commercial vehicles. Huge savings on time, money and energy occur you install the best software that can give you real time information about the condition of the vehicle, CCTV footage of the crash that happened at the accident site, if you have vehicle CCTV software functionality connected in the software.


Main benefits of vehicle tracking software

  • Bad driving can be controlled: Since real-time information about over speeding is passed on to the control room, speed alerts can be activated and the driver can be contacted via phone to reduce speed or face disciplinary action.
  • Less fines to be paid: Control over bad driving means less fines to be paid to the government and more savings on time and energy.
  • Fuel economy can be achieved: Since distance travelled and the shortest distance between two points is defined by the GPS navigation system, minimum amount of fuel is used by the vehicle, thanks to this software.
  • Engine condition can be monitored: Periodic reports about the engine condition can help in determining the correct time for the service due to all the vehicles in the fleet.
  • Diverse fleet can be managed: Data from diverse vehicles can be sent directly to the control room and in case of any mishap, replacement vehicles can be sent immediately to help carry men and material from one place to another seamlessly.


You must try this software out!

The best part about this vehicle tracking software is that it is available online and can be delivered anywhere in Ireland within one working day.  Business owners can save a lot on rent, overheads, and salaries, which are passed on to consumers as discounts. So buying online makes it cheaper than buying on the high street. In addition, you get round the clock telephonic support, technician visits, email support and demo sessions. Some old economy entrepreneurs that have a staccato mind-set will be left behind after the onset of technology in the logistic area. They will either have to shape up or ship out.

New economy entrepreneurs know that with the best people, best technology, best fleet they can race past their competitors which will put them on the platform from people in their circle. With technology by their side, tracking their every movement, employees will feel secure and safe that in case of any emergencies, help will be offered instantly.  Insurance claims can be defended instantly and business owners can have complete control over their business.

Once you have total control over your business, profits soar as waste is stopped and as we all know every penny counts in business.  Every penny saved is a penny earned and you will get the best value for your vehicle through this software.

Check this out and you will feel the difference, once you start using this software.