GPS tracker to keep your motor engine running

Fleet vehicles require a lot of maintenance to keep working and operational. Fleet managers have to think of and assure the preventive maintenance that their vehicle needs and it includes oil change, tyre rotation and other maintenance works. But one of the most simple, yet often forgotten element is the engine air filter. If changed properly on a regular basis, it can breathe new life into your vehicles engine. It seems to be a small component and the critical role played by it is most of the time underestimated by fleet managers.

This is the reason most fleet owners or managers are ignorant about it when it comes to regular maintenance. One thing for sure is understandable that some people are well aware of the role played by air filters in the well-being of the engine’s life, but they forget about it at the time of maintenance for one reason or another. GPS vehicle tracking devices reminder can help all these people to remember it during routine maintenance and ensure their engine motor is running properly.


Know when to change the engine air filter.

Air filter service is required after a vehicle travels 9000 to 12,000 miles of its journey, and these details are clearly mentioned in the vehicle manual, but owners or managers hardly have any time to look at the manual book or they tend to get lost. But the specified limit is for general vehicles, while fleet vehicles are used extensively so their engine filter should be changed more frequently. And managers can use the GPS tracker to alarm the air filter change once the vehicle is driven the specified distance to ensure their service is not overdue.


Know why filter maintenance should be remembered.

If you go too long without a service or changing the engine air filter, then pollen, debris, and dirt can be sucked up into the vehicle engine, and these particles will burn inside the combustion chamber. It will adversely affect the combustion chamber and your vehicle’s emission components. But you can overcome all situations just by remembering the time to change the air filters, and it can be easily achieved with the use of GPS vehicle tracker reminder alerts. With GPS vehicle tracking devices, maintenance reminders are as simple as pushing a few buttons.


How to set up a maintenance alerts

All you need to do is to click on the alerts on the GPS tracker interface screen and enter the baseline data to set up your vehicle’s maintenance alert. It can be used to calculate proper time or mileage to send you an alert when the maintenance is due. And once you have set the criteria, now you can decide whether to receive the maintenance alerts via text message, an email or both. Further, it is at your discretion whether or not to enable this particular alert for your vehicle. With the use of GPS vehicle tracker changing the engine air filter becomes very easy to manage and you won’t have any problems down the road.