GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems – How to Manage Your Vehicle

Increasing theft rate made GPS vehicle trackers very invaluable tools for monitoring all types of vehicles including cars, boats and fleets etc. Installing a real-time car tracking device keeps you updated about your vehicles speed, location of the vehicle added with text or email alerts rooted on parameters you lay down in advance. This will allow you to always know where your driver is. It will offer you detailed reports of your vehicle such as where it was, where it’s going and how fast it’s traveling.


GPS fleet tracking systems available in the market these days is the perfect blend of management solution that helps you to monitor, manage, and recover assets. The device helps you to manage the whereabouts, save time and unnecessary waste of fuel. GPS vehicle tracking systems is well configured to take benefits of the available communication.


Benefits of GPS Enabled Fleet Management Systems


Add to Productivity – Reduce differences between hours worked and hours stated by your fleet drivers. Installation of such devices also helps you to get location reports, daily reports and hours worked reports.

Cut Overtime–Reduce false timesheet stated with detailed real time vehicle tracking. It also provides accurate start and stop times. Even time sheets are maintained within no time.

Reduce Fuel Costs – You can reduce vehicle fuel costs with vehicle activity reports. Since the device lets you know the correct route and any diversions, there is a greater chance to eliminate any delays to your journeys.

Trim Down Private Use–With alerts, you can find out about any use of the vehicle taking place outside working hours.

Quick Response Times – Your vehicle will save on time and efficiency and hence rightly forecast arrival time or delays if made.


GPS enabled fleet management system track through web based tracking, desktop based tracking and mobile based tracking. Often the system provides the vehicle owner a start stop report, beginning and end day report, fleet summary, in depth speed report, fleet status, operational cost, low battery and over speed alerts, tracking history by date and time and more. Installing the right GPS fleet tracking software benefits you by getting cost saving results.


Trackmatic helps your business perform smartly without consuming your valuable time, fuel and budget.With cloud-based GPS fleet, monitoring software the program tracks your vehicles regularly whilst it’s on the go.The device helps your business perform at its top level without balancing your time, fuel and budget. The cloud-based GPS fleet tracking software program tracks your vehicle around-the-clock.


The GPS tracking device is easily fitted inside the vehicle dashboard and captures GPS location information from satellite and many other vehicle information from varied sensors at specific intervals to a central server. When the vehicle is moving, the GPS tracking unit sends data to the central server every minute at every location. GPS vehicle tracking systems can also be used as an individual vehicle to prevent it from being stolen. The existence of GPS car tracking can reduce your insurance costs, because the stolen risk drops drastically.