How to make the most of your fleet management system

So many business owners can see the benefit of a vehicle tracking service. The problem is that like many new toys if the company selling the system does not integrate it properly then it is a complete waste of both time and money. This free guide although written by us is aimed at helping all users of tracking systems.

Firstly if you have already purchased a fleet tracking system from a company then go through these steps in order to make the most of your system.

Firstly let us start with when you are about to sign the agreement. Ask yourself does the system offer a tracking solution that will actually meet my needs. So let’s look at features it should have.


Speed Monitoring

Make sure the tracking software has the ability to measure speeding on all roads. What this means is that if you are in a 50km zone then it can tell the difference and measure if the vehicle is speeding. A lot of cheaper systems you have to set one speed limit usually the higher limit and that is it which to be frank is a waste of money. One of the biggest costs to companies is fuel and the ability to tell if they are speeding at different limits is a must.


Traffic integration

There is no point in having a tracking system if you still have to take the word of a driver for how long he will be to get to the next drop or location. A great tracking system although slightly more expensive will get that money back in no time. It should have the ability to put in the next location and it notifies you how long to next location including traffic stops. Google integration should be a basic part of any tracking software.


Google Street view integration

A valuable vehicle tracking software should be able to integrate with street view allowing you to actually look around the area the vehicle is in as though you are there yourself. This is excellent for giving directions and seeing in more detail their current location.



Having a system that automatically sends you an email with the information you need is a big bonus. Most small to medium sized business owners do not have time to keep logging in to a vehicle tracking system. You should be able to select the time and day you prefer to receive this information as well as format such as word or PDF. Also having the ability to send this information to both different users within the business and clients if needed is also useful.



When you purchase software that is going to actually save you more money than it is costing is a long term investment. The average life of a client is 7 years so you need to know you are getting a system that will work for you. Software that will allow you to place your own logo not only on the main screen but also on the reports is very useful and creates a professional image if you need to present these reports to other companies or people. Also it is great if you can choose what reports you need and when as well as changing the layout of the home screen to suit your business.



Make sure you give access to as many people as you can. Again a good system will not charge you extra for more users. Give access to the system at various levels to employees for example have the system send them a notification when they speed. Or send a report every month automatically to your accountant showing business mileage. Or maybe give your sales staff access so they do not have to ring a driver to see where he is. There is so many different ways you can use the system which will equal massive savings in the company.


How much should it save me?

Ask yourself how much you spend across your fleet. Now take away 15% that is just on fuel alone. The reality is a good vehicle tracking company will save you thousands per year in the following areas.

  • Wear and tear
  • Fuel
  • Wages and time
  • Administration costs
  • Carbon footprint

Any many more areas.