Miles of smiles with mileage tracking

There was a time that drivers lugged around clipboard sheets to keep a record of mileage. Keeping mileage records is one of the most tedious tasks, and the chances of missing data or putting incorrect information are also high. Thankfully, the technological advancement in the field of GPS tracker technology has changed the face of the logistics business drastically and contributed towards their efficiency and productivity significantly. And paper time sheets are a thing of the past for fleet managers and owners who opted for automatic mileage recorders.

It’s time to check and correct

GPS trackers are used across the world and companies can keep the fleet operations easy and simple. And, if still, you are using paper time sheets to keep a record of mileage, it’s time to check and know what you are losing and where you can gain. The Tracking devices have alot to offer, all you need to know how your devices can make you more efficient.

Know how and where drivers are travelling.

GPS trackers allow managers to see the real-time location of their fleet drivers with live maps. Making it easy to see where the drivers are going, considering this managers can figure out the alternative route which if followed can bring down the mileage. Further, the device also records the trip start and end time and everything inbetween, the real time driving activities are also recorded that can be used to streamline the mileage challenges.

Across the map coverage

For fleet managers, it is great to see all their drivers, locally, on a live map. Using GPS trackers to keep a check on the mileage for all their journeys within the state or from one state to another is an exceptionally great feature. But the usage of the devices is not confined to record the mileage locally; the devices can be used to provide the mileage details of your vehicles across the nation.

Access and assess the past performance

More so often fleet managers are interested in current reports, and if required they can go back in history if they need to check a certain vehicle. But, requirement changes as soon as the current records are viewed and there is some suspicious activities managers now can view the history of the vehicle and they have the evidence at their fingertips and therefore can address the situation. In all such situations the tracking devices are of great use, they can provide the managers with 90 days data of vehicles as well as drivers activities. All you have to do is log on to your compuer and the reports and alerts will be sent to you automatically.

With GPS trackers the mileage can be tracked in many ways. It allows you to keep an eye on vehicles, drivers, review their historical activities and provide coverage on the national map. Further, the devices save the drivers from the tedious activity of keeping mileage records on paper. The device records are easy to use, reliable and very accurate.