Optimizing your fleet without investing too much is it possible?

When a company wants to optimize its fleet, it thinks of a traditional approach: to satisfy the rising demand for more vehicles, more warehouses, and more employees. This may, however, lead to an increase in administrative tasks and personnel management.

This linear strategy is excellent when there is work, but with increased competition and fluctuating customer demand, committing to fixed costs while the business is flourishing can make you vulnerable if things change.

So what is the solution? Say no to new business? This is certainly not an option for companies looking to expand.

Fortunately, new technologies are there to help mobile employees use the assets they have in a more efficient way! They allow more tasks to be performed and thus, avoid a businessman taking financial risks by acquiring new employees or equipment.

This technology is a real ally to monitor the adopted driving style. If your employees have committed an offense and the data collected by the software shows aggressive driving, then there would surely be a need for training.  Also, the infractions are not always detected, which is why the technology allows you to monitor your vehicles and the driving behavior adopted 24/7!

Indeed, when companies inquire about fleet management software or telematics solutions, they generally think of the great help provided by the software to the vehicles and the team of drivers. However, it is not always considered that the installation of this type of device could bring many other advantages.

But how does fleet management technology work?

The primary purpose of asset utilization is to make the best use of vehicles, equipment, and employees to maximize your potential. Most companies have untapped potential that could be converted into income, so the problem is where it is and how to exploit it.

This is where a fleet management system comes in; it monitors each of your assets and lets you see which vehicles are used and when. Using the data provided by the GPS location integrated into the vehicle (or equipment), Asset Utilization Software can provide you with reports on a range of productivity indicators.

The information that can be reported is:

  • Vehicle arrival/departure at the workplace
  • When the equipment is in use (engine running)
  • The identification of capital assets
  • The travel time of the vehicle (to determine the time spent on each mission)

But the use of assets extends beyond knowing when and where resources are used: it can also be determined whether resources are being used efficiently. Just because an asset is used does not necessarily mean it is used in the best way possible!

It is by using an adequate prevention policy and appropriate training that you avoid that your drivers can be found involved in the violation of the Highway Code. Take advantage of these methods by adding fleet management software: help make roads safer for your drivers and all users!