Put more technology behind the wheels to succeed!!

Undoubtedly, that’s the way you need to go about running your transportation business. By incorporating more advanced technology in your business, you can do more for less and get the maximum bang for the buck. Modern fleet management has become very professional with the help of specialized vehicle tracking software that gives you up the minute information about the status of your vehicle in real time.

Pull the guesswork out of the business

Yes, that’s important, if you want to engender trust in the system for people expecting detailed information like direction, speed, location, arrival and departure time. Users demand crash reports and video footage of the crash in advanced versions of the software.The data offered by vehicle tracking software can pin -point negligence.An important thing about the software is that it is easy to install and offers data in a user-friendly format, making it easy to use.Whatever be your needs be it comprehensive mapping or reporting, the software makes it that much easier to work. You can be sure of the best results by having a technology partner in the form of such a robust vehicle tracking system.

Use technology defend lawsuits and get what you deserve

If your vehicle is insured, then you can use the crash reports obtained from a vehicle tracking system to claim damages in proportion to the premium paid for comprehensive car insurance. The good thing is that this vehicle tracking system works for cars, vans, trucks, boats and therefore, if your fleet is insured, then if multiple vehicles get smashed, you can claim higher compensation. Moreover, even insurance companies can be doubly sure of the fact that they are handing out compensation to the right parties after seeing the crash reports and the videos related to it.

Explore the full bouquet of benefits offered

Logistics industry decides the velocity of business in numerous industry verticals like pharma, ecommerce, publishing, mobiles, electronics. Timing is of essence in this business. Therefore, these companies desire a strong back -end powered by technology that can give them An accurate view through GPS is what users desire and they can get this entire vehicle tracking system for a fixed monthly fee of a few euros a month. No upfront capital investments to be made, no maintenance or bug fixing headaches as they are all taken care of by the vendor.

Isn’t that the best thing that happened to the vehicle tracking industry?

Securing an entire fleet for a few euros each month minus the headaches.Nowadays, software vendors offer not just support through phone and email but also through on-site visits of engineers. These engineers will understand your business and customize the software by adding and removing functionalities that will help you do more in less.

Last but not the least,training your staff in using this software is quite easy as they are mostly plug and play. So, no losses in terms of operational productivity while getting the staff acquainted with a new piece of software.

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