Why telematics and electronic fleet management systems are better than traditional system?

Automating fleet management is common today and has many advantages over traditional systems. We have already explored this topic in several previous articles, but we can always give you additional reasons to opt for computerized systems rather than choosing manual methods of management. Here are four other reasons:

An automated program of safer driving

Automated Vehicle Tracking software typically includes driver behaviour alerts. These alerts focus on dangerous driving such as sudden braking, fast acceleration, too much speed and too tight cornering. These signals help develop a safe driving program that includes risk assessment, driver training, rewards for safe driving and more.

Integrated fuel management

Some systems automatically incorporate fuel cards and form a complete fuel management system that connects fuel use to dangerous driving. It allows to raise awareness about the safety of the fleet, but also to train in eco-driving.

A standardized system

Automation software helps manage vehicle fleets, whether they are in urban areas or require centralization and organization in remote locations. All this can be done on the same system! Getting the same results with a manual method would be much more difficult. You will quickly appreciate the benefits of a fleet management automation software!

Integrated maintenance management

Most Fleet Tracking system contains built-in tools that you can use to improve the visibility of your data, improve the use of your assets, and better organize each lifecycle of your fleet. The service is no exception and is directly related to the vehicle life cycle while being part of ethical business practices.

For those of you who still do not believe in this superiority, we have gathered five great reasons to opt for an electronic fleet management system rather than a manual one – if you have not yet replaced your old paper sheets, you will certainly do it after reading this article- the power of telematics!

  1. Automatic recording of data

No need for paper verification sheets – your fleet management systems collect all the necessary vehicle data. These data are collected according to your favorite indicators and are customizable!

  1. Minimum administrative burden

Your team will have time to focus on value-added tasks rather than brainstorming on paper sheets with complicated formulas and incorrect records. It will also allow your team to grow: working with digital systems is a plus because they leave more time to focus on essential tasks of their business.

  1. Automated visibility of every aspect

The automatic recording of each step allows you to manage your team and resources better and to have more information to make the right decisions. It is a valuable and useful intelligence tool for better fleet logistics, which not only ensures better fleet operation for customers but also for all stakeholders.

  1. Easier compliance

Having an electronic system that records vehicle checks, reports vehicle defects, their location or activity, and records driver details, equipment checks or even maintenance will help you comply with the law. And to put good practices in place simply and quickly.

  1. Reliable data recorded for easy access to certifications of excellence

Telematics is the passport to a successfully managed fleet as it improves processes and helps your company to reinforce its image. Making your fleet management smarter is the key to transport certifications and fleet management rewards. Do not forget that the success of your business is also linked to reputation, certifications and memberships!