Track your Car, Fleet, Boat Automatically with GPS Tracking Device

GPS tracking device is the newest advancement in the vehicle industry – the purpose of which is to track your vehicle should it get lost, stolen or stranded. They can track your vehicle to any location in the country or Europe and enhance its security and safety.

How does the tracking system work?
The tracking system is a device installed in the car, fleet, boat or vehicle. Once the device is installed and activated, it uses the Global Positioning System or GPS.

  • A network of satellites orbits the earth – it is called the Global Navigation Satellite System
  • The orbiting satellites send microwave signals
  • The signals are transmitted to the activated GPS devices
  • Three satellites use trilateration to triangulate the location of the device
  • It can also record speed of the vehicle, the amount of fuel that is consumed along with the exact location.

What are the different systems available?
You can use two types of methods for vehicle and coach tracking.

Passive systems – store all the information related to the vehicle use on the device. It is ideal for businesses or vehicle owners looking to record the consumption of fuel or minimise the misuse of a fleet. The device is removed from the vehicle, be it a car, boat or a fleet, plugged into a computer, and then the information is viewed or downloaded. Since these can be more easily concealed, parents can use them to track the vehicle movement of their teens.

Active systems – provide real-time updates on the information related to the location, and use of the vehicle. A supervisor or a smartphone user can see in real-time the route taken by the vehicle to reach a destination, the amount of fuel consumed to travel the distance as well as speed at which the vehicle was run.  The geo-fence abilities allow a user to know if they are entering or exiting a location pre-determined which enhances the vehicle’s safety. They are best used by companies dealing in the transport of goods and people.

A GPS tracking system is a necessity for both individuals and business owners as it helps them automatically track their vehicles. The tracking can be done from anywhere in the world, and from any device which is linked to the GPS tracking system. This is one of the best and most secure ways to keep your vehicles safe from theft and misuse.