Use trackers to check if your assets are still an asset

Fleet managers have some extremely busy days, and they need some time to think how  their days can be more effective. When they are going about their day, it becomes challenging and at times it is next to impossible to track the details manually. Their job demands them to be updated with the details of drivers and vehicles in the road. And to attain their peace of mind managers across the world have chosen GPS vehicle trackers to keep themselves updated of the whereabouts of their vehicles and drivers.

Their downtime is a kind of opportunity to think about how and what changes should be incorporated to carry out their business more efficiently and effectively. For this, they need reports that can provide them with the details of the areas that need immediate attention. And tracking devices have the great ability to provide them all the details about vehicles and driver activities during a given point in time. So it is imperative for the managers to understand the GPS tracker reports, and how these reports can be used to improve the performance of their business.

Get basic information through standard reports

Managers can use the trackers to make standard reports; the device can be customised to provide the standard reports that can have all the necessary information as to what is going on in their business. The report can be used to check whether the drivers are adhering to their schedules or not. Furthermore, the reports can also be used to get the longitude, latitude, speed of vehicle and time of vehicle use during the day. The report is of great use in achieving the accountability of drivers, and can also be used as a source through which their safety can be ensured.

Check if your assets are converting to liabilities.

Across the world, employees are considered a valuable asset to companies; likewise, drivers are an asset for the logistic business as they ensure and keep the business running. But at times it becomes imperative for the management to check whether these assets are performing at their best or not, and also whether the assets are still an asset or not. Let’s look at an example; a delivery needed an hour to complete while it took two for the driver to make the delivery and the driver won’t advise as to why it took two hours.

It looks simple, but the manager has lost an hour of productivity of the vehicle, incurred productive wage for the driver and many other variable expenses like maintenance cost and others. A dishonest driver is a liability for any business, and such drivers can only be seen through the reports. The GPS trackers are used to see start and stop reports for the vehicle and can provide the managers with the details as to where the vehicle was during all those hours for which drivers said they were somewhere that they were not.

The reports can provide you with the best information about your vehicles and drivers.  GPS tracking devices can provide you with the reports that have all the information about vehicle and driver’s activities. Use the devices to get the best out of your resources be it vehicle or driver.