Vehicle tracking for a better and more efficient fleet management

Tracking devices are a great help for companies with fleet management. On several occasions it has been found that customers have become more aware, employee accountability can be easily defined and managed, managers can easily monitor the drivers activities in the field, and emergency alerts can be set for unexpected situations. You have probably heard of these advantages on earlier occasions as well, but still, you are eager to learn how GPS tracking devices can keep you ahead of the competition.

Customer satisfaction a guarantee your business is flourishing

To keep the schedule for the day, it is imperative to ensure drivers are timely disposing of their assigned jobs, it opens up the possibility of new jobs and keeps customers satisfied . To create a positive image of the company the drivers have to ensure they are reaching on time to the customers. But sometimes drivers are posed with traffic delays, and it is imperative to divert them as quickly as possible from the hazards by planning and communicating a better route for them. With GPS vehicle tracking devices in place, the fleet managers can keep a track of the driver’s arrival at a particular location, and it makes it easy for the managers knowing that the customers are being serviced at the scheduled time.

Create an accountable employee.

GPS tracking devices allow for an automatic time to be recorded as soon as the drivers start their jobs. It is a great way to keep and make drivers more accountable during the day. Route optimisation is not carried to (or “intending to”) just to keep the customers satisfied but this option can also be used to get the jobs done quickly, and new jobs can be added.

Keep a record of field activities.

It is imperative for the fleet managers tokeep a record of their driver’s activities like speeding, idling, harsh braking and others to make them aware and corrected as early as possible. It also keeps safety a prime priority. The managers can pull a report that will not only show the activities of the driver, but will also provide the details as to where these activities have taken place and at what time of the day they happened. With GPS vehicle tracking devices, managers have a great insight of drivers activities out in the field.

Get live alerts

The GPS tracking devices are personalised to provide alerts at various occasions like maintenance alerts, emergency situation alerts and other alerts to ensure better safety and security of the drivers and the vehicle as well. Further, it also allows the managers to keep track of the driver’s productivity. The managers can keep the alerts live and scheduled. Live schedules are of great use to overcome emergency situations while scheduled alerts are there to keep the vehicle maintenance on track.

Apart from these, there are several other ways by which a tracking device can help managers, by ensuring a better fleet management system is in place. There are a lot more assets that you can learn about a GPS tracking device and apply in your business to get better operational and management results.