Vehicle tracking Ireland and how it is improving business

Vehicle tracking system has been around for some time. But most are outdated and unreliable and the advances in technology have not made them a huge part of any fleet manager’s arsenal within Ireland.


So how does a vehicle tracking system save money I here you say. Well the system is completely integrated at the start and this is a vital aspect to any setup of a GPS vehicle tracking system. The operator will make sure that every department within the organisation is getting the right information at the right moment it is required. Now this is not just where the vehicle is but it can be and include where the vehicle has been and how the vehicle is being driven by the driver.


Many people think a tracking system is just an excess cost they can do without. However a system that actually reduces your costs and more than pays for itself is one you certainly should consider when operating your fleet of vehicles.


The system can not only tell you how the driver is behaving but also can remind you when servicing is due or an NCT for example. It can send information to the company accountant automatically showing business mileage or it can send information to the fleet manager showing arrival times and duration. A good vehicle tracking system can even tell your customers when a vehicle is arriving before it is actually there giving them time to get ready for a delivery or pick up


As you can see from the above a vehicle tracker is not just there to see where a vehicle is but so much more. We can even remotely control the vehicle and disable it if needed.


So much can be done with an excellent tracking system and you may well be paying twenty five euro a month for one vehicle but if you are saving hundreds does that not make sense?


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