Vehicle tracking made simpler

Indeed, technology has made vehicle tracking a much more easy and simplified process. Earlier it was nothing less than shooting in the dark when it came to tracking trucks through high frequency radio devices but now you have an accurate view of everything. The first-generation of vehicle tracking software relied on smart cards with magnetic strips attached to the back which connected to the main control room through a very small aperture terminal satellite that was very economical. But later, the need for video recording of the crash and specialized software that could report about the condition of the vehicle in real time basis arose. High demand led to high innovation and the net result is in front of you.

Forewarned is forearmed

This is the most sensible approach business owners should follow, when it comes to managing their entire fleet. Vehicle tracking software, thus purchased should be compatible to all kinds of vehicles. Users should be able to get reports at regular intervals about the condition of the engine, chassis, vehicle, fuel status, wear and tear, and the most important thing: whether the driver has had adequate rest between two long haul trips. This kind of software has very high demand potential in developing countries where driving on highways is unsafe. In western countries, you will see female drivers on the wheel of a truck bound for a long-distance trip. But not in developing countries where all sorts of crimes happen against drivers on highways.

It’s an enormous source of competitive advantage

Many industries rely on vehicle tracking software to get the raw material for their inputs and these include: Ecommerce, FMCG, plant and machinery. And the list of service oriented industries needing vehicle tracking services has expanded to include: Courier companies, taxi companies, security agencies, milk, dairy and poultry products agencies which require this kind of software to ensure last mile delivery of products to the consumer.Support is offered on phone and on email coupled with on-site visits from engineers to customise the product as per your requirements. Users can even put their own logo on the system fitted by us at zero cost. just a small little investment in securing your car or truck will go a long way in saving millions of rupees in damages, legal claims and can offer you enormous mental peace.


Flexible pricing that works wonders

Installation is free in the whole of Ireland which is another added bonus. Unlike other product software companies, we do not tie you into long term contracts. You will be delighted with our flexible pricing solutions which are nearly obligation free. So, get ready to get detailed information about the direction, speed, departure time, arrival and location of your key vehicles through this unique GPS enabled software that will act like a force multiplier for your business.

It will definitely add to your overall business confidence, as well. Both your employees, suppliers and vendors will be satisfied that you have done something concrete for their security.  Respect in the system will increase and you will see a higher quality of investors coming into your ecosystem and willing to do business with you with open arms.