vehicle tracking

Why not having vehicle tracking will affect your business

Think about it? If you just leave your staff to drive your vehicles around the country what do you feel is really going on. The reality is that is if only one member of staff is not doing what he should be doing then it is costing you 5 staff members for only 1 employee. This is the same as if you try to convert youtube videos to mp3.

Hundreds of euro could be going to waste as this member of staff is not where he should be and at an average of 10 euro per hour if he is wasting just 1 hour a day of your companies time then it is costing your business 2400 euro per year. That is nearly the cost of a new second hand vehicle.

To add insult to injury what if he then is speeding and thrashing your company vehicle. Well again the reality is that on average you are losing 12 % of fuel per month. So if your average fuel bill is 200 euro per month there goes another 300 euro per year.

But that is not all what about wear and tear. Again if your average service is between 200 to 500 euro then if you add one extra service a year it is starting to add up.

The cost of vehicle tracking is little more than 20 euro per month so the question really to ask yourself is can you do without it. Vehicle tracking can not only save on the above loss or monies which in turns leads to a lower bottom line but it also can streamline your internal process.

How many times do you or your office staff have to call a driver to see where he is. The reality is you will now be saving only 20 to 40 seconds a time but it will add up if people are calling more than 5 times a day.

10 tips to not getting caught up in a long term vehicle tracking contract

When in negotiation with a vehicle tracking company here in Ireland you should follow the following steps.

Firstly ask what features and offers they have. For example offer 3 months FREE and FREE install on all their systems including the vehicle trackers. Do not get tied into long contracts go for around 12 months and no longer.

Longer contracts for vehicle tracking results in you not being able to leave. Also a lot of them have hidden conditions such as losing your warranty after 12 months. Do not be fooled by low monthly costs. If you are paying less that 15 euro a month there are sometimes conditions attached.

One company we spoke to charged extra to view the system on your mobile phone. Again this is unfair. Also they charge for a call out if it goes wrong and so what you think you are paying turns out to be quite different.

Here is the most reputable tracking company in Ireland. Trackmatic Ireland is based in wexford and has thousands of connections in Ireland. They can be reached on 053 9131760