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Free Install at your location and if that is not enougth we are also giving free european coverage on all GPS vehicle tracking products. We also supply fridge and temperature monitoring as well as vehicle CCTV. Tel today 01 482 6914 FOR A QUOTE.

Vehicle tracking device Our Vehicle tracking device allows customer's to view their vehicle live anywhere in Europe. All our trackers include computer and mobile phone software to view your vehicle live in any conditions anywhere any time. Stop your vehicle from being stolen and recover it quickly with our high end commercial tracker. Starting at just Euro 11 per month you can either rent or buy the system with no large upfront costs and Free installation anywhere in Ireland. Ideal for single vehicles of value including BMW and Mercedes as well as most brands of vehicle. Your car can be traced anywhere in Ireland and Europe and coverage is FREE. Also used in business vehicles to monitor driver behaviour and employee locations. Reduce fuel and increase employee activity.Can be viewed live on mobile phones or laptops and iphones.
gps tracking device Mobile GPS tracker with internal battery ideal to place anywhere in any location.Our mobile tracker does not need an external battery or an outside antenna as it is all included in the box. Simply power it up and place it on any person, in any vehicle or plant machinery. It can even be used to track live your livestock or pets. 100% accurate and reliable our GPS mobile tracker is the ultimate tool to monitor whatever you want without wires.
Marine Tracking Devices Our marine tracking devices can be installed on any outboard engine or boat. With an internal battery with a life of up to 3 years your outboard engine is fully secured. In the event of theft simply access our online tracking software and find your engine or boat immediately. IPX7 compliant our boat and outboard tracking device is fully waterproof. Call us now for a demo of how the system works.
vehicle tracking services Our most popular vehicle tracking system operates in all conditions and can track in the most remote parts of Ireland. Being a fleet management and van tracker this unit will not only show where your employees are live but will also measure driver behaviour such as harsh braking and speeding on all roads. Most tracking companies can only offer one set speed limit however with our latest fleet management tracker you can monitor speeding on all roads and improve on areas such as fuel and time keeping. Contact us now to discuss flexible pricing options on your business vehicles and let us show you how much money we can save you.
Motorcycle Tracker - Trackmatic Ireland Our motorcycle tracker can be used in all models and has a very low battery consumption.If your motorcycle is your prized asset then this will get it back in no
time. With 30 second updates and with the first 3 months FREE tracking then this is unbeatable. Very small and customised for motorcycles of high value this is the choice for real bikers who care about their bikes. 100% reliable the ultimate in motorcycle tracking and comes free with Software so you can monitor your bike anywhere live. No matter if you have a Ducati or Suzuki a BMW or a Yamaha bike this will do the job. Call us now for a chat and we will talk you through how it works on 01 482 6914
Atex tracking device Our range of Intrinsic asset trackers will enable your business to monitor all assets world wide. The Atex approved systems we supply cover all asset types and include Vehicles;Trailers;Tankers;Offshore;Oil and Gas;Construction;Mining Devices include Atex zone 1 and zone 2 certified. Costs start at from only Euro 15 per month per device with zero setup costs Call now for a free quote on Eire Office 00353 (0) 539131760 TM505A Atex Asset tracker Battery life of up to 5 years IPX7 Waterproof
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