Be an omnipresent manager with GPS tracking devices

When the boss is not around the employees, they tend to be relaxed about their jobs; moreover, they tend to spend some of their time to carry out some personal businesses. And some egregious among us take further advantage of their boss’s absence and do what they want to do instead of their job.

It’s human nature when the boss is around and keeping an eye on their employees, productivity and efficiency of the workers increase significantly, including some of the areas that might otherwise be ignored in their boss’s absence. And it is quite arduous for logistic business owners or managers to watch the drivers on all their trips, or it’s better to say it is somewhat impossible for them to exercise direct control over them.

Why and how to control your driver’s activities?

It’s imperative to exercise control over driver’s activities to overcome not only the misuse of vehicles, but to achieve an overall development of business. And tracking devices are a great solution towards monitoring drivers activities and for an efficient management of the logistics business.

GPS devices are among the most popular tracking devices that exonerate honest employees and keep a tab on those who made it a practice of using company vehicles for personal use or other unauthorised trips. The device is capable of indicating the way of enhancing efficiency and accountability while mitigating various costs attached to the business.

These devices have received considerable acceptance among the owners or managers of the logistic company due to several reasons.

Live view of driver activities.

GPS tracking devices can provide a broad range of information regarding your driver’s activities like engine start-up and shut down time, idling time, behaviour during the trip and many more information. The information is of great use in enforcing driving policies and overcome unwanted behaviours like over speeding, tardiness and extended idle time. Further, tracking encourages your employees to work more efficiently and prevent the personal use of a company’s vehicle.

Enhanced safety and security

GPS tracking devices not only provide important safety functions for your vehicle, but to your drivers also. It allows the vehicle to be safe on roads and the reports generated by the devices are of great use for timely maintenance of the vehicle to avert all future dilemmas. A real-time monitoring allows improving the safety of drivers and in thecase of an accident the fleet manager can provide direct assistance and support to drivers.

More vigilant with reports and alerts

The devices are used to generate easy to understand reports on weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. And, if required, an instant report can also be generated. The reports can be as detailed as your requirement and can provide you all the information about vehicle and driver activities, speeding violations during the trip, violation of a company driving policy, jobs performed during the trip, excessive idle time during the trip and much more. The alert system allows you to keep notified via email or mobile device, of any or every violation during the trip.

GPS devices not only makes you a pervasive boss but also helps your employees and vehicles productivity along with significant savings for your business.