Vehicle tracking gets quicker, better and more convenient

Tracking vehicles is a whole lot easier through software designed to offer more comfort, convenience, better analytics and reporting tools in order to help managers gain better control of their fleet. Before software automation set in, managers first used pagers that offered one-way communication and later-on mobiles that offered two-way communication. But these tools were no way close to what is being offered today by software providers who have a keen understanding of the needs of each logistic business. These software and the algorithm behind these businesses has been developed after extensive consultation with fleet owners, drivers, traffic inspectors and gaining an insight into the challenges they face.


 Better software delivers better results

Only business owners who have dabbled in software before know the trials and tribulations of not using vehicle tracking software. These are tools that can save your business as they stop wasted money outgoings, reduce the amount of speeding fines and in short give greater control to managers. Drivers know they are being monitored and the lever of control moves from the driver to the manager. Operational efficiency improve as all drivers know that they are being monitored and this kind of monitoring is good for them.

They can get save on fuel,make sure drivers get adequate rest and immediate help in the case of accidents and breakdowns. Responsibility in the event of head-on collisions can be fixed and insurance claims for total or partial loss can be claimed. Some software have cameras embedded in them and they can record all events leading to a crash and after it, so that all parties can swing into action and immediate medical assistance can be offered.


 Keeping staff and material secure

You as a business owner are responsible for the welfare of your team so to look after their needs then the best course of action is to install this software so that you can really give them a feeling of security. In case the driver has decided to use the vehicle for his own benefit and takes the vehicle on a detour for personal benefit, then the GPS navigation functionality can immediately detect the deviation and can bring the vehicle to a stop through this software embedded within the engine. Speeding can be stopped as speed limitations can be controlled through this software and instant real time reports about the over speeding of the vehicle can be transmitted back. The best part about this software is that it has been tested for quality assurance and works with zero percent margin of error in real time.

Better fleet management, better budgeting, better control over resources is what this software will bring about and you will experience complete peace of mind through this software. There is no better way to deal with a large diverse fleet consisting of buses, trucks, cars, boats and keep them in perfect condition. Since you receive regular reports about engine condition and the amount of fuel left in the vehicle, arrangements can be made in advance for all such scenarios.  Since this software is ordered from the net, you can get the best deals and discounts and this software will be shipped free of charge within one working day.


Once you try it you will never look back!